Agents of SHIELD – “The Inside Man” Review

Talbot is none too pleased to be working with Coulson, especially not the idea that Coulson is now technically his boss. The General is actually rather amenable. However he hadn’t exactly told Coulson that he had Carl Creel, the absorbing man, working for him. Talbot is all for Creel, but the rest of the team doesn’t trust him because of his former status of complete bad guy. This caused strife within the team because he did after all kill Hunter’s closest allies.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Inside Man"Coulson was using Talbot to get an in to a council. They weren’t allowing any inhumans because they didn’t want any aliens around to keep them from speaking freely. He wanted to help, but it was all just a cover. He was out to betray Coulson. He had been working for HYDRA in an attempt to save his son. They were allowing a spear campaign against Coulson. They twisted the truth until Coulson was completely thrown under the bus. Through this it wasn’t surprising that Talbot ended up in the same cage as Coulson. Talbot however had an exit plan in Creel. He truly proved to be helpful.

Creel’s blood was the key. He had powers, but he was not an inhuman. There was something about him that made him different. Simmons dove deep into running tests. Their example of a sample of Daisy’s blood pre-teregenesis showed it going through the process. Whereas Creel’s blood entirely halted the process and broke it down until it reverted. With Creel’s blood they had the opportunity to create a sort of antidote that would prevent a potential inhuman from going through the teregenesis process. Daisy was rather opposed to this. She fully embraces what she is. Lincoln was more interested in this option. However what Daisy doesn’t seem to accept this premise. She sees it as shutting out who they are. Lincoln does not. However no one seems to take this as an idea of one preventing people who should be allowed to have these powers because they would cause harm to getting them. Or even on a more human level it could allow people who don’t want such a change in their life to have another option.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Inside Man"Ward has powers. What exactly he do seems to constantly be changing. His skill set makes it even more interesting. When confronted with the medusa man from last episode, he wasn’t effected. This seemed to shock the former cop. He seems to be able to shed cells of the body step away from them, manipulate them and use them. It was also established that he can not inhabit other inhumans because he can’t feed on his own kind. Even the stone man, who I should really learn his name, was weary and shaken by what this man wanted to do.

What did you think of the episode?

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