#T5W – Fictional Items I Want

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey. Here’s a link to her channel and the goodreads group.

I really wish I could change the title to Fictional Items I Need, because let’s be honest each on of these items give me a ladyboner of desire.

Now that I’ve left that image in your mind let’s talk a minute about how cruel fictional items are. When you run across one in a book or a show you realize that it’s something that would infinitely improve life. It would become so much more interesting. Then you start to wonder if there is a way to make those fictional items reality. When it comes to science fiction, sometimes those out of reach items become reality. Other times they don’t. No matter how you shake it there is always some sort of item that is lingering in the ether of your mind just wishing to become reality.

These are my top items I wish were real. They are in no particular order though I really want a razor.

Razor – Red Rising Trilogy

Morning Star by Pierce BrownWhat is it: The dangerous customizable weapon combining elements of a sword and a whip. Also a lovely fashion statement.
There are so many items that I could have chosen from this series. No joke, everything that bubbles out of Pierce Brown’s mind is golden in my eyes. However it is the razor that is probably the most unique and the one I’m secretly trying to create (maybe not so secretly now). The razor in it’s dormant state is like a whip with metal tendrils hanging down. Even then it is extremely sharp, but is noted for it’s malleability which makes it a fierce but slow weapon. A push of the button snaps the razor into it’s owner desired form (for Darrow he favors the slingBlade shape). The user is suddenly in possession of an extremely sharp blade that can be instantly snapped into it’s former state. It’s like having a multi-weapon and is truly amazing. I want. Yes, I do.

Firebird – Firebird Series

What is it: A device used to jump between dimensions
I’ve been fascinated by time travel for a long time, but only recently have I begun to really get into the Many Worlds Theory. In case you don’t know, the Many Worlds Theory supposes that there are many parallel universes. Every choice, change, or different opportunity spawns a new world. Thus there are many worlds that are similar to our own with changes so slight that it is virtually indistinguishable from our world. However, there are also worlds which are so entirely different that you wouldn’t begin to recognize it. The Firebird is a device that allows one to travel between these Many Worlds. I would love to have that sort of device in my arsenal. If I could venture and see what other worlds are like would be beyond fascinating.

Rocinante – The Expanse

rocinanteWhat is it: A military grade (MCRN) , highly stocked, Corvette class frigate
Maybe this is too large to be considered a single item, but I don’t care. If I could own and fly on the Rocinante, everything would be golden. It isn’t just a normal ship. This a ship with some serious firepower and a lot of speed. The actual ship is a beast and while I’d love if the crew came with the ship, I still really liked the book. Also it’s a freaking space ship. It also is the smallest ship with an Epstein drive making it a bigger ship. Seriously though, I would love to have a space ship that I could tall my own.

Power Suit – Starship Troopers

Powered Suit - Starship TroopersWhat is it: A mechanized suit that enhances mobility of user
This one is pretty easy. The suits were designed to enhance a soldier on the field. While I wouldn’t be using it for combat necessarily, it presents so interesting touches. These suits not only allow you to run faster and jump higher, but they do it intuitively. There’s no extreme learning curve. You just get in and the suit works. It would be amazing to run that fast and see the world. I wouldn’t need a car. I could get out. It would also reinforce strength. Let’s be honest, I just want a mech suit and this one sounds pretty darn awesome. Yes, please.

Biotic Amp – Mass Effect

masseffect2_morinth_vs_samaraWhat is it: A tool that allows for people to manipulate mass effect fields on a low level
I wanted to keep this all books, but I couldn’t shake how much I wanted to be a biotic. I always play as a vanguard which means I get the pleasure of using amps. The idea that I could push or throw people, heck even cause a small scale singularity is pretty amazing. If I could just walk around and manipulate the environment at a whim it would be amazing. Just as long as it is a L3 implant and not an L2. I’d like to remain sane, thank you very much.

What fictional item would you want?

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