We Write Wednesday: The Rut

I swear I didn’t forget to make a We Write Wednesday post. It just got lost in the ether.

Nevermind that, I’m here now for my post. I can partially put some of the blame of not having this post up at it’s usual time to the topic. The rut. Any writer knows the feeling. When either you can’t write for the life of you. Or worse, when you continue to write, but everything that spills onto the page is complete crap. That’s where I’m at right now.

I am in a freaking rut. I am writing just fine, but there is something off. I’m not liking my voice. Every new word I put on the page is a struggle. Even writing this post and putting my emotions out there is difficult. For me this came from simply a few days of over work in my regular job leaving me mentally drained. Then pair that with a desire to just not do anything that came after that. It’s left my writing uninspired.

So today rather than a long post about the rut because I’m sure you’ve all been there, why don’t you tell me how you feel when you’re in a rut. Maybe when I finally crawl out, I’ll write a post about how to move past the rut. For now, I just want a good oatmeal raisin cookie.

3 thoughts on “We Write Wednesday: The Rut

  1. I can definitely relate to your rut, Ashley. My reasons are different, but the results are the same. Right now, what I’m doing about it is

    I’m posting a response on your blog, is what I’m doing. And I recently wrote a haiku. My house is cleaner than usual. My kitty gets more belly rubs…


    Seriously, now, we all find ourselves in a rut every now and again. Whatever the reason, I think the best course of action is to allow ourselves this down time, and not get down on ourselves for doing that. Easisier said than done, I know. But trying to write something when your heart isn’t in it, when your creativity is dried up, when the spark has winked out and your writing is stilted, is counterproductive to the cause. Sometimes, you have to go with the flow, ride it out, whatever the heck ‘it’ is.

    On the bright side, chances are really, really good that this is a temporary situation only, so hang in there, girl. That’s what I’m gonna do.

    xo kk

    • You can’t possibly know how much better this made me feel. You are amazing. I’ve been really hard on myself for the past few days and I might just need to relax a bit like you said.

      I just really want to produce some pieces for the POC Destroy compilations. I’m already out of my comfort zone and this rut is not helping. Deep breath. I have a few weeks. Maybe taking a little break will be good.

  2. You’re out of your comfort zone AND you’re putting pressure on yourself to deliver the goods? God, you remind me of myself. So yeah, I would say take that deep breath, and give yourself a little time to acclimate to this task you have set for yourself.

    Remember, too, this is not something being done TO you. You are choosing to write those pieces, which means the ball is totally in your court. You’re calling the shots here. Empowering, Ashley.

    Okay, off the soap box.

    xoxo kk

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