Supergirl – “Manhunter” Review

J’on is not handling being locked up very well. He feels guilty for the betrayal he led the government. More importantly he wants to make sure that Alex stays safe. He wants her to distance herself from him, but that’s the absolute last thing that she’s going to do. There is good reason that J’on should want Alex to because because no sooner than they talked did the government swoop in to handle an investigation. These people are angry. They’ve let him into their homes and interacting with their families. They rightfully feel betrayed, but as of yet there’s no threat he’s done to them other than uncertainty. It is dangerous. for him.

Supergirl - "Manhunter"Through this we got to learn about what happened back when J’on assumed the Hank Henshaw role and Jeremiah Danvers’s death. It was interesting to see their interactions. There was always a delicacy to J’on. We got to see how much Jeremiah really loved both girls. Jeremiah quickly realized that J’on was not the threat they thought he was. He was out to try to help J’on. The real Hank was ignorant and crude. He shot J’on multiple times with no provocation. he refused to listen to anything Jeremiah tried to say to the point of killing him. With Jeremiah’s last moments he did two things, killed Henshaw in turn and asked for J’on to look over his daughters. We knew all this information from what J’on had told us, but it was nice getting to see just how things played out and the truth of it all.

Alex was determined to help J’on. While she passed the lie detector test, Lucy figured out that Alex wasn’t exactly passing the test. It was an 11th hour swerve and suddenly Alex was to join J’on at their new destination, CADMUS. CADMUS was painted as a dangerous place for both of them due to the experimenting they did. It forced Kara’s hand. She had to open up to Lucy if she was going to save them. It ultimately worked and it seems we’ll be seeing a lot more Lucy since she is the new head of the DEO. Now that she isn’t Jimmy’s romantic interest I like her more. She is an interesting character and seeing her tied down to Jimmy made me like her less because it felt like she was limited to being a romantic interest only. As for Alex, between the stunt pulled to free her and the news that Jeremiah is alive and used within CADMUS, she is a fugitive with a mission.

Supergirl - "Manhunter"There were other flashbacks available. We also got a flash back to the girls not long after Kara arrived. Alex was not too fond of Kara. She thought of her as weird. It turns out that Kara’s glasses were lined with led which made her vision normal. It gave some explanation to Kara’s glasses. We saw Kara interviewing the Kara and pushing how deeply she was average. She wanted to be normal.

While all this was going on Siobhan was seething from what happened to her because of Kara. She hates Kara now. To the point she was willing to try to commit fraud to get Kara fired. it backfired when Winn figured out it wasn’t Kara who sent the nasty email but Siobhan. For him he was stuck, but Siobhan was also doing things that were out right illegal. It all led her to be drunk and frustrated on a roof when she fell talking to Winn. Only she didn’t hit the ground and go splat. Instead she screamed and saved herself with reverbs.

What did you think of the episode?

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