Agents of SHIELD – “Parting Shot” Review

This felt like a mini back door pilot for Marvel’s Most Wanted. You know the Marvel based show ABC has been tossing around for well over a year at this point that is supposed to follow Bobbi and Hunter. You know that show.

Agents of SHIELD - "Parting Shot"Well honestly, I was never keen on the idea of Marvel’s Most Wanted. Both characters are cool elements on the team. Hunter has a pretty interesting back story and motivations. Bobbi is a badass. Together they have a personal history that really makes their dynamic sing when they are paired up. However I just never enjoyed the prospect of this show. So when this episode dove all in with giving the two characters the spotlight I found myself checking out a bit. I just don’t love the pair of them in the lead.

We spent the episode jumping back and forth between their capture and interrogation and the series of events that led them to that place. It’s a familiar structure, one the show has used before. The problem is that in this situation some of the tension dwindled. In fact the parts of the episode I enjoyed most were the times when everyone was together.

There was an interesting inhuman that we had to deal with. The inhuman that we saw was able to walk through shadows and manipulate them. The Russian General of defense could project usable shadows. It was something that was interesting to see play out. They

When it came to the fact that in order for SHIELD to go on in their undercover nature, they decided they needed to give it up. To keep SHIELD going someone needed to take the fall in their situation. That sets them on the run. It also sets them on to a path to potentially have Marvel’s most wanted. However the way that it was written it made it so that Bobbi an Hunter are out. They are alive yes, but they can no longer be part of the team unless something really big happens.

Agents of SHIELD - "Parting Shot"I will give that their good bye on the show was a touching one. They were able to step away. Each of their now former colleagues sent them drinks. Each saluting them. As Bobbi said it was a spy’s goodbye. It was a touching moment. Hell, I got feels seeing that send off. It had some real emotional weight. I just wish I cared about their next adventure more.

I will say I think part of my apathy may be because this half of the season doesn’t have as strong as a cohesive push toward their next goal. My apathy leaks. Or it could be because I never fully accepted that Bobbi’s entire backstory revolved around Hunter and nothing more (well a little bit of training, but that was obvious). I always wanted there to be more.

What did you think of the episode?

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