The Flash – “Trajectory” Review

Barry’s been doing his best at trying to getting faster. That was the core focus of the episode. Barry needed to get faster, but he wasn’t. Then he meets a new speedster who is using her speed to be a petty thief. She’s fast. Faster than Barry. And she out there tarnishing Barry’s name, but he can’t quite keep up with her. It’s bad news.

The Flash - "Trajectory"It also centered around Velocity 9. Barry was pissed that Caitlin had kept it a secret. The exact thing that would help Barry step it up and be fast enough. Neither Caitlin or Harry wanted him to take it. They knew how addictive Velocity 9 was and it was too much of a liability. It would ruin Barry. Worst of all it was only ever a temporary solution. No one wants Barry to get caught up in it all and feel the negative effects.

We saw how dangerous Velocity 9 was through Trajectory. The drug was warping her. She developed a secondary personality. She was addicted to the Velocity 9 and behaved like a true addict. She really did behave like someone who was truly addicted and needed to get money to satisfy her need. She wasn’t a villain to be a villain. She was a villain because she had been warped. She had reached a point where there was no reasoning with her. She was going to do as she pleased. Even if that meant she ended up displaying blue lightning.Then she died. It gave a clue to Zoom. The Velocity 9 was what made the lightning blue. It was Jay that was Zoom.

The Flash - "Trajectory"There was also an arc for Jesse who finally had something more to do than stand in the background. She had a lot of conflict with her father She couldn’t trust his instincts were right He just wanted to protect her. Then she took over. not until after she barely survived an injection of Velocity 9. The real question is what effect it will have on her in the long run.

Let’s take a moment to look at that awkward moment when Barry introduced Wally to everyone at the club there was an awkward moment of who Wally was to him. Barry stumbled on the introduction settling with new friend. At that moment I wanted him to take on and accept Wally as his brother like Iris did for Wally. Then I started to think and it really isn’t that easy. If he accepts Wally as his brother he’d be accepting Iris as his sister. Even though they are amicable, they aren’t. Yet, they did grow up for quite a while in that environment. All this thinking led me to think and accept that it’s complicated. I’ll be honest though, I’d like if he could come to accept Wally as his brother like he’s accepted Joe as his father and we’ll leave Iris as an odd exception.

What did you think of the episode?

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