Supergirl – “Worlds Finest” The Flash Crossover Review

Siobhan was saved by her sonic wave. She was then brought in to the DEO for testing. She certainly wasn’t an alien, but she was entirely normal. The soundwaves were giving her crippling headaches. She was having a breakdown after what happened to her. it was like she was activated and now she was losing herself. The brief moments when she wen from composed and maybe a little upset to like someone completely different. She is angry and bent on destruction. when she hears the voice she attacks. Enter CatCo she went after Kara.

Supergirl - "Worlds Finest"It knocked Kara out of a window just as Barry burst into Kara’s world. He saved her life only to learn that Kara didn’t need his help. Barry crossed into her Earth through the multiverse. Barry’s explanation was simple and boiled down everything going on with The Flash into a couple of minutes. There were also a bunch of allusions and mentions Barry threw out to things going on. it was also rather nice to see such a light hearted Barry again. So much has been going on with Zoom, some of the light heartedness has faded.

It all turned out that Siobhan was cursed. The only way to stop the banshee curse was to kill the person who makes the voice come to her and in this case it’s Kara. However Siobhan believes Kara is protected by Supergirl, not that she is Supergirl. All this ends up meaning is that she needs help. It just happened that she saw Livewire was around. It wasn’t that surprising that Livewire was game to take Supergirl down.

Supergirl - "Worlds Finest"Cat is still being Cat’s mentor in every way. It’s nice seeing that they are closer a time has moved on. One of the thing about Cat is that when she believes in something she really goes after it. That includes standing firm with her believe in Supergirl and the slow bond with Kara. Though I’m still annoyed she doesn’t believe Kara is Supergirl despite immediately pegging Barry as The Flash.

I’m not really sure that I liked seeing James quite so peeved by the immediate affection between Kara and Barry. The pair of heroes got along really well. It made sense that they got along so easily. James just saw it as a threat. He stared longingly to the point that Lucy called him out on it. That reaction wasn’t exactly what I came to expect from James, especially after he was the one to tell Kara he needed time. If anything I’m glad that it finally spurred James into doing something about how he felt for Kara and the same for Kara. Too bad something happened the moment they kissed. He was being controlled by myriad sent out by Non.

Supergirl - "Worlds Finest"Barry got down as being known by The Flash by Cat Grant in favor of the Blur.
Barry explaining the multiverse is great.
The camaraderie between James and Winn is fun now that they both aren’t after Kara.
Every time The Flash theme played, I got giddy.

What did you think of the episode?

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