Wonder Woman’s Silence in BvS

Let’s be real, one of best things to come out of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the presence of Wonder Woman. She squeezed into the narrative subtly and sprung into action when needed. Her brief appearances were little moments of delight because she was intriguing to watch. However, that’s where part of my real problem comes from. There wasn’t much for Wonder Woman to say. She was never intended to have a large role in the narrative. It wasn’t Batman v Superman & A bit of Wonder Woman too. I’m just concerned that she was silenced.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeWhen Wonder Woman leaped into battle in the third act of BvS there was a fire to her that was almost insatiable. You could tell from her expressions and reactions that being a warrior was what she enjoyed most. In fact, there was one moment when Doomsday knocked her back and she slammed into debris. The look on her face wasn’t anger or frustration, but amusement. It was as though she looked back at Doomsday and thought, “This is going to be fun.” She’s a woman of action.

It’s not to say that Wonder Woman needed to be a chatty Cathy or talk up a storm. In fact, there is merit to keeping Wonder Woman silent in the films. By not allowing her to talk to much you are left to judge her more on her actions than her words. It makes her seem like she’s taking more initiative. She becomes a bit more fierce. It also eliminates the possibility of sullying her first appearance with bad or questionable dialogue. By keeping what she does say to the point, there are no chances of those missteps.

So I completely understand the motivation to keep Wonder Woman from talking to much in a film that isn’t her own. It doesn’t change the fact that it feels like she is being kept silent so the boys could talk. I didn’t even notice it until after the movie and I was reflecting on her part in the story. She is not talking much and I kind of wished we got a bit more from her. She was being tracked and hunted down by Lex Luthor. It wasn’t like she didn’t know about it. That’s the whole reason she appeared in the movie. Yet all we got to hear her really talk about was how he had something of hers. She didn’t need to spout at the mouth. Wonder Woman is a woman of composure. However it felt so bland.

Wonder Woman is getting her own film so she will certainly have something to say. While I have some reservations on the film mainly due to the fact that we are rewinding back to World War I for her adventure. No doubt this is to amplify her position as a woman within the world. After all at the time of World War I, women in the US didn’t have the constitutional right to vote. There will certainly be gender roles explored in the film (I would hope). Does that mean she will also be silenced to an extent in her own film?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeShe is an Amazonian. Her origins either have her being crafted by the gods or being the goddess daughter of gods (Zeus and Hippolyta). No matter how you cut it she is one person you do not want to have on your bad side. More importantly she is just as strong as the boys, yet brings a different perspective to the table. The things she discusses and the angle she comes at things can paint things in a much different way. Being one of the Holy Trinity of DC heroes also gives her a higher platform to voice her piece. I can hope that her movie will elevate her. I would hope that when it comes of Justice League she isn’t silenced again in favor of the male characters.

Maybe I’m just hoping that we can get a more prominent female character really getting in her fair share in these movies. We know it isn’t getting it’s fair due in the Marvel Universe which comes closest with Black Widow. My hopes are no doubt higher than they should be, but Wonder Woman is one of those characters that I looked up to as a kid. She was tough and fought with the boys. This incarnation of Wonder Woman is certainly one that seems to relish being in battle, but I hope that I can get some cool lines from her that can be quotable and admirable in their own right other than just her being fierce.

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