Agents of SHIELD – “Watchdogs” Review

SHIELD is dealing with a former internal threat. They are not fond of the changes happening in the world involving inhumans. The Watch Dogs are a big threat in that they’ve gone from spouting hatred to taking action. They are spurring violence and leaving their mark. it’s a shift in the way they are behaving.

Agents of SHIELD - "Watchdogs"This is causing a rather moral divide between Daisy and Mac. She has become rather militant after falling in line. It is more in line with her character from previously, but now she works under the SHIELD banner. Daisy was ready to go after a target with all the force necessary including her powers whether he had the information she believed or not. That wasn’t something that Mac could side by and abide by. Daisy is being a bully and it was getting her the information that she wanted. It is this over eagerness and threatening behavior that is not going to win her any allys or make the Watch Dogs believe anything different.

Lincoln is dealing with his issues of slowly becoming part of SHIELD. He has been vetted, but Coulson isn’t sure about him. Coulson doesn’t trust that Lincoln believes he will be a good part of the team. That means Coulson isn’t ready to just let Lincoln join in. Coulson was out to test Lincoln to see if he would do as he was asked. The scenes we got between them were really well done. I’m glad we are finally seeing Lincoln become part of the team after spending so long on the fringes. He needs to be able to do something. Now maybe he can.

Agents of SHIELD - "Watchdogs"The entire episode we dealt with Mac and his brother. It was interesting seeing some Mac development that actually dove into his past and the people he came from. There were issues as Mac and his brother worked on his bike with slow reveals of the house being on default. They were having some real bonding time, but when the Watch Dogs problem erupted that was interrupted. It put a strain in their relationship. He was keeping things from his brother. His brother was more about the militant nature of the Watch Dogs. He saw the inhumans as freaks. When it was eventually revealed that Mac wasn’t just leading a hidden life with SHIELD, but that he was working with inhumans he lost it. There was no eye to eye, but the actions from earlier brought the Watch Dogs to their home. Mac beat them thanks to SHIELD training and his handy dandy homemade shotgun axe. In the end Reuben had a grudging respect for inhumans and what Mac does. Although lets not pretend it was an extremely about face reaction.

What did you think of the episode?

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