Browsing for Books?

There are three kinds of people in life.
Those who are in and out with specific books in mind.
Those who browse.
Those who would only be seen around books under duress.

Tuesday Talks was created by Janie and Janelle, I just jump on their creation with the rest of the participants. This week’s topic is: Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser? If you know me then you know I certainly don’t fall into the last category. In fact, I have few friends who fall into the final group. The real question is what category do I fall under when it comes to picking out my books. Honestly I have two modes. This has to do entirely with the kind of person I am. I am not a browser, unless I am.

That may not make any sense to you, so give me a chance to explain before you run off waving your hands in the air.

I am the type of person who must know exactly what I’m looking for. I know what I want and I go for it. However if I find something else I want then I’m not going to limit myself. I just tend to know exactly what I want and there is no point in toying with the idea that I want anything else.

Even I will admit that there’s something about roaming the isles of a book shop. Not looking for anything in particular, but just seeing what catches my eye. The problem is that I like to keep my money in my pocket. As much as I want to get more books I know how ridiculous it would be to walk out of the store with a pile of books. Then there’s the inevitable feeling that I have seen all the books I want.

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