The Flash – “Flash Back” Review

Barry needs to get faster. Because of that everyone at STAR labs is getting very sciency including Barry. They need to know why Barry is not as fast as Zoom. Caitlin even figured out that Barry is moving his legs as fast as Zoom, but spends more time on the ground with each step preventing him from getting as much distance.

The Flash - "Flash Back"Harry is not down with letting Barry go back in time. he doesn’t think he has the proper grasp on what he is doing. He also isn’t all that fond of the idea of the impostor they dealt with previously. As far as he is concerned that Wells is dangerous and he wants no part of it. Still the couldn’t get Barry to back off. he was going to go back in time and find out how to go faster even if that meant screwing with time and messing things up further. Even as he ran back in time he encountered a wraith. Then he landed earlier than he intended. It wasn’t exactly a good start to the mission.

The time wraith is wrecking havoc. In case you didn’t notice it looks just like Barry. It comes as a result of time traveling gone wrong. What doesn’t quite make sense is that Barry has done it before with far less control than he did now.  Yet none of the other times did he actually have an issue with a time wraith. Maybe I missed it previously, but I never saw it as an issue previously. One would have thought that the wraith would have become an issue earlier. We did get some motivation from the time wraith in that they want to destroy speedsters who manipulate time.

The Flash - "Flash Back"Barry’s main goal was to speak to Wells which went about as well as Harry thought it would. Wells pretty quickly realized that Barry was not his Barry. he knew the signs and Barry’s behavior was just off enough that Wells realized. That didn’t make Wells all that happy. He was keen on killing this Barry, but Barry spun enough lies in a believable enough way. He was going to get the help he needed he could go faster. That ended up being through the help of the tachyon device.

Let me geek out here for a moment. Among the changes that ended up emerging was the presence of Pied Piper aka Hartley in the new present. It seems so far that things haven’t changed all that much, but Hartley was now friendly with the team. id didn’t seem like he was a permanent fixture, but he was definitely around. I would hope that in the future we will get to see more of Hartley. I absolutely loved him when he made his appearance last season.

What did you think of the episode?

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  1. Hi there! Loving your blog and the variety of content on it. Plus, I love the Flash so I’m always down for reading a great review. Are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?

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