Arrow – “Beacon of Hope” Review

Oliver is not keen on slacking off now that things are a little better with Darhk off the streets. He doesn’t want anyone to fall behind and relax. Darhk is making himself busy in prison. I’m surprised that he seemed to have more screen time now that he was in prison than he did when he was free and causing havoc. It seems that the people Darhk work for don’t really care that he’s in prison, heck they even seem to see it as an opportunity to potentially get rid of a loose end.

Arrow - "Beacon of Hope"Felicity’s mom is back in time to provide some comfort for her daughter. It seems that Donna always seems to pop up at the most inopportune moments. I still can’t help, but love her. She’s ridiculous even when she can’t spell breakup. Donna was nervous in the situation, but she really held up. Donna is a tough girl. Felicity, though, is more than happy with leaving the fight behind.

After Brie Larvan was locked up from her stint on The Flash, shes now making her return. She attacked the Palmer Tech board meeting trying to get the biotech prototype in Felicity’s spin. Brie is able to control her robotic bees to swarm the building and essentially trap them. Her bee drones are incredibly dangerous. One managed to sting get inside Oliver’s body then they began to replicate. It was dangerous, but interesting to see what she was capable. She pulled off multiple tricks with her bee drones each a bit more dangerous and a bit more interesting.

Arrow - "Beacon of Hope"Curtis was sick and managed to get out of the Palmer Tech building. Curtis is a loyal worker and couldn’t just stand by knowing Felicity was locked inside. So he managed to stumble in to the Arrowcave. He was absolutely thrilled to see the place. In fact he completely geeked out. He jumped right into Felicity’s role. In some ways that is a good thing because that could make so Felicity can really step away from being part of the team it also would give Curtis the chance to really become part of the team and jump into his role as Mr. Terrific. Curtis is thrilled to be part of the team, but Oliver was ready to stomp down on the happy moments. When it was over, Curtis seemed to decide that his place was home, but from the look on his face this wasn’t the last time we will see him with Team Arrow

There was a discussion of Harry Potter was thrilling. Oliver has read the Harry Potter books and made a clear analogy to Felicity not being Voldemort and that her name could be said.
“So can anyone just walk right in?” This is like the third time they’ve called this out this season.
Curtis just started flipping all over the arrow cave.
Felicitys “Lay down biotch.”

What did you think of the episode?

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