#T5W – Least Favorite Book in Your Favorite Series

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey of gingerreadslainey. Here’s a link to her channel and the goodreads group.

Everyone loves to get a little negative every so often. I know I do. There’s something about lamenting that is just wonderful, especially if you can do it with others. I’m not saying this is a total grip, but I’m going to no doubt dredge up mixed reactions. After all I am targeting my favorite series and then singling out the book I like least. There will certainly be people who love the books I mention. Heck, there’s a chance I might love it too. You might be thinking I’m going to throw up a disclaimer about how I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings. Sorry. I’m not. Truthfully, I don’t care if my dislike (or not liking it enough) gets under your skin. Just like I don’t care if the book I love is your most hated book in the universe ever. Maybe I’m just old and developing my get off my lawn attitude, but I have better things to worry about.

On the plus side, most of these books are books I still enjoy. In fact some are kind of favorites, but these are the books I enjoy the least from the series.

I only have 4 series for this list, instead of 5. So let’s just get into this. As always, this list is in no particular order.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. RowlingSeries: Harry Potter
Book Position: 1 of 7
I’ll be honest. I approached the Harry Potter series out of order. I chalk it up to the foolish actions of a child. The first book in the Harry Potter series didn’t end up being my first foray into series, it was my second. As a result, I never quite fell in love with it like most other people. It was also a bit more childish than the other books obviously. I just ended up really enjoying Chamber of Secrets. The first book however was a solid introduction to the world. I just didnt love it as much.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsSeries: The Hunger Games
Book Position: 1 of 3
Don’t worry, not every book on my list is the first book in the series. In fact, it’s understandable that the first book would make the list. That first book in many ways is testing the waters. With The Hunger Games it was developing the formula and showing us a sliver of the world. While Catching Fire is extremely similar in pacing, it brought in a lot of other elements that I really enjoyed. The introduction of political strife, the abuse of Avox, other districts, really helped open up the world and start to ground the story. Even by the end of The Hunger Games, everything Katniss had just gone through felt like it existed in this vacuum. I didn’t understand why this could by. I didn’t get a sense of where the kids came from and the upbringing they faced. Everything was through Katniss’s eyes and that kept me from really experiencing how entirely fucked up their world is.

Flesh & Bone

Flesh and Bone by Jonathan MaberrySeries: Benny Imura
Book Position: 4 of 4
See, I told you they wouldn’t all be the first book. The final book in this series just really let me down. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad book, but I felt like it didn’t hit as hard as the others. I didn’t get to spend as much time with some of the characters I wanted. Most importantly there was such a heavy focus on the religious aspect that I was turned off because it wasn’t always handled well. Also as the final book in the series I hoped that we would get more answers and things would round out a bit more. While we did get answers, I was left feeling like there was definitely a new story to tell and the journey with those characters was far from over.

Red Rising

Red Rising by Pierce BrownSeries: Red Rising
Book Position: 1 of 3
I absolutely love the entire series. It is wonderful and fantastic, but there is no doubt that the first book is my least favorite of the series. It is epic dangerous a war. It is wonderful. However the first book in the series is no doubt the weakest. It feels the most like other books. The characters had yet to evolve in a substantive way. It is the most remniscent to other books. I just wanted to know more and more about the world after reading the first book. It just wasn’t the best of the three.

What are your least favorite books of your favorite series?

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