Legends of Tomorrow – “Left Behind” Review

Kendra, Ray, and Sara are stuck in 1958. ay is determined to take this downside and make things much better. he’s an inventor. He set out to create a time beacon. He wanted to get back, but it also gave him a purpose. Alone, Ray and Kendra made a life together. Ray took up teaching and Kendra did who knows what. He had started to settle into that life, Ray ws even about to propose. The major downside to this is that it’s clear that they love each other now, but we never got to see their relationship build. It’s making it a little bit too instalove. That said we did get the sense that Ray may be more invested than Kendra. In fact, Ray was a little upset about leaving behind their old life while Kendra could care less. Once things were clarified it seemed that Kendra was invested.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Left Behind"I’ll be honest after Sara tearing in to Ray for keeping hope made me want to see her gone. Then we saw Sara do just that. I didn’t mind. She was still stranded though even after the other two were back in safety. She’d returned to what felt like home to her, the League of Assassins. There we saw a glimpse of a young Talia al Ghul who we hadn’t seen before along with her father. Being part of the League was all that seemed to matter to her. She instantly reverted to her prior self and loyalty to the League.

This is when we finally got the explainer of what happened to her. By staying in a past time for too long one could lose themselves. Slowly becoming less and less of what they once were. it made sense that Sara who has the weakest grasp on who she is was the one to lose herself. Kendra had also been effected though. She hadn’t been able to as she said hawkout. It led to a fight between the two women and it was not good in the slightest. WHy they all had such blind faith that Kendra could trigger something in Sara to keep her from killing was outlandish. When it happened I stared at eh TV in disbelief. If she really was forgetting who she was. if she was reverting to this person who was all for the league. Worse yet, a person who suffered from bloodlust on her best of days, but I was supposed to believe that she could reel it in.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Left Behind"Kronos only took one person during the attack, just Captain Cold. This was something didn’t sit right with Ray. It didn’t make sense to him that they wouldn’t take the leader, but Captain Cold. here had to be a reason. That reason ended up being that he had a vendetta. All because it was actually Mick Rory. This all actually made sense and gave a Kronos a reason for being so hellbent on finding the team. Sure the Time Masters had put him up to it, but he had felt betrayed by Snart and this was his chance to get revenge.

What did you think of the episode?

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