The 100 – “Stealing Fire” Review

It is time that a new heda is chosen for the 12 clans, however Clarke and John need to get out. Clarke couldn’t do it before she spoke to the children who were the potential hedas. Apparently all the children Lexa had been in contact with had vowed that they would protect skaikru. The same can’t be said of the royalty of Azgeda, in particular Ontari who was also competing to become heda. So of course it ended up being Ontari who became heda. That said Roan was still willing to help Clarke and John find away out (this is the second chance).

The 100 - "Stealing Fire"I was a little frustrated as you could probably tell that Clarke continually did not take her opportunties to leave. She was handed clear escape paths, using up her favors with others. She lingered around people she couldnt trust. She messed with their rituals. She pried until she got information from Titus. She tempts fate, but slowly she learned enough that there was another person who qualified to become heda other than Ontari. Titus was so sure in this cause that he killed himself to prevent Ontari’s ascension.

Back Arcadia at tensions are high. Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair officially on death row, but they were able to spare the lives of the grounders who were innocents in the events. Kane managed to have some last words with Abby. At which point I realized how upset I am about Kane’s impending death. I would have much rather seen Abby go than Kane I find him an interesting character and losing him would be a major loss. he’s had such a journey since his introduction and I want to see more of him going forward. Kane and Sinclair managed to create and escape, but Lincoln was left behind to be executed. His final moments a goodbye to Octavia. I almost couldn’t when we lost Lincoln. This show is not one to spare your emotions. It portrayed a brutal death in graphic detail. It broke me.

The 100 - "Stealing Fire"Bellamy is having serious regrets and wants to set things right. That’s a difficult thing to believe after everything he’s done. He is making strides to figure out what is going on. Ballamy ended up walking right in to a trap set by Octavia. The majority of the interactions actually came from Bellamy and Indra who had enough beef to feed all of Arcadia.

What did you think of the episode?

2 thoughts on “The 100 – “Stealing Fire” Review

  1. They be killing err’body on this show 😦
    Linctavia and clexa are dead, Titus is dead, all of clexa’ adoptive night blood children are dead (and what a gruesome way to go), like… I will ACTUALLY be shocked when someone DOESN’T die.

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