Arrow – “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” Review

Andy Diggle stepped into the forefront this episode. He’d faded back for a little while, but now that things are ramping up it makes sense that hes become more important. He is the in that Team Arrow has to the inner workings of HIVE. While we know that HIVE seems none too keen on Darhk right now Merlyn is still working with him. Merlyn is still bitter that he lost the League. He’s working with Darhk to get him back his power.

Arrow - "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"Andy’s actions are only making Ollie more suspicious. He sees all the things that keep going wrong or turning out of their favor due to Andy’s presence as signs that Andy might be working as a double agent. You could practically see Ollie seething when Andy took and arrow for him. In that instant Andy made it that much more difficult for Oliver to throw blame at him. Oliver didn’t want to trust him. It made things very difficult because he didn’t want to give Andy the benefit of the doubt. He knew that this would drive a wedge between himself and John again. One that he didn’t even have complete proof of. The evidence that he did have was a bit flimsy. While what he assumed made sense it was the way he handled it that proved to be terrible.

Laurel was offered the job of District Attorney by Ruve Darhk. Laurel is contemplating the offer with the idea that she would be within the inner circle. Sure she could potentially do some good, but like Quentin mentioned she wouldn’t be able to continue to work. That was enough to make her turn the other cheek. The idea of not work on Team arrow was not something that she wanted to deal with. So this episode we got to see Laurel sway from wanting to be part of the team or DA.

Arrow - "Eleven-Fifty-Nine"Laurel may not have died, but she was seriously injured. It did force Laurel to admit that she loved Oliver. I mean it was so obvious in her behavior. She said her goodbyes. For a moment I thought she had made it and was going to be in the clear. Then things changed. I had the unfortunate knowledge that she was the one who had died. Someone had spoiled the picture that I happened to stumble upon. For me it was a matter of when and how it happened. I was glad that she got to say her goodbyes. That said the way she started seizing after she wanted to tell Oliver something felt odd.

What did you think of the episode?

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