#T5W – Rainy Day Reads

T5W officially has a new host. Sam from Thoughts on Tomes is taking over. While I’ll certainly miss Lainey, I’m thrilled that Sam is taking over. Sam is a wonderful person and if you don’t already subscribe to her channel you should. Do it.

Anyway, this week’s topic is: Rainy Day Reads. This one is an interesting one for me because when it rains, I like to stay as far from it as possible. Yet, I tend to not be able to sleep or enjoy it. So reading is definitely one of the things that I turn to. So for this I’m going to focus on those books that you can consume in one day and don’t fill you with the desire to get out in the world.

As always, in no particular order, here are my picks.

Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix

If you like Middle Grade Science Fiction this one is for you. It is one of those reads that is quick and easy to get into. It’s constantly annswering questions only to bring up new ones It doesn’t hurt that It’s so easy to get caught up in it you can forget that you had other things to do.

The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

Another book geared more at younger readers, though this one is technically YA. It is a delight to read and in fact, I did read the majority of this book on a rainy day. I didn’t want to put it down. Something about Magnus Chase and his friends drew me in so much that I wanted nothing more than to immediately jump into the next book.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Sure this one technically makes me want to break out f the house. However the story was so engaging that I didn’t want to move. All I wanted to do was finish this book. It’s the kind of story that draws you in and makes you feel like being with her. I can only imagine that reading this on a rainy day might make you feel more in her shoes.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

I adore Holly Black’s writing for one. On the other hand I’m quite keen on this story for the fact that I really did read it in one day. It felt like I was being dragged into a brand new world that felt strangely like my own.

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

I had to throw a graphic novel on the list. Most graphic novels are great for rainy days, but Seconds is particularly wonderful. It’s a little bit odd and a lot a bit endearing. All I know is that when I read Seconds I fell in love with the relationships and wanted to go back to read it again almost as soon as I finished it.

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