Supergirl – “Myriad” Review

Myriad is wrecking havoc on national City. Everyone is essentially a drone of Non. He has taken control of them and making them work. Whatever it is that they are doing is in Kryptonian. The result has put the entire city under quarantine because anyone who enters falls under this control. Non saw it entirely making a united world. He takes away their uniqueness to help solve problems. He doesn’t care that these people are controlled.

What was interesting was seeing who was and wasn’t effected. Most of the people we knew Lucy, James, and Winn were effected. They were attacked and ultimately made to work mindlessly. Even Superman was effected by Myriad. We saw him flying in only to hit the ground. It was explained away that his upbringing on earth changed him in such a way that his brain was very much human and could be effected in the same way. Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord were unaffected thanks to some tech that he had. He hadn’t given it to the DEO now that Alex and J’on weren’t there and din’t have anyone he could trust. He made some gadgets that blocked the signal and sent a pair to Cat in the form of earrings.

There was a heartbreaking, but inevitable result. Non’s way of forcing Kara to understand that she was powerless was to have Winn, James and another co-worker jump from the building. The moment it happened, I actually laughed. There was never a doubt in my mind that she wouldn’t have gone after Winn and James. However what made this death feel even more unnecessary and pointless was that we never really had the chance to dwell on this loss. It was an unfamiliar character and we don’t see it or Kara reacting to that death only how James and Winn then react. In fact, we saw her pacing around the dead woman. It felt really lazy and didn’t have the effect.

Kara was faced with a difficult decision in working with Lord. he thought the only way to stop the threat was to detonate a bomb that would take out Kryptonians, but it would also kill approx 300,000 people. That’s a lot of people, but Kara was initially willing to go along with the plan. The issue was that it was not a good plan. it wasn’t until she had a heart to heart with Kara that an alternative was found. How that will work we will see.

We finally caught up with Alex and J’on. They were on the run, but she made a stop back at home. Obviously Alex’s mother was a bit skeptical and nervous being around J’on. As far as she knew he killed her husband and even. Alex was stubborn and ended up putting both J’on and herself in complete danger thanks to Indigo.

What did you think of the episode?

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