Agents of SHIELD – “Paradise Lost” Review

Gideon’s home has been invaded by Hive. Over the past couple of weeks Hive has really proved himself to be a proper villain. Now he’s not just a pain in the ass, but a true threat. Even Gideon is unsettled by what Hive is. The premonition of his death has him rattled especially since he knew it was Hive who killed him.

Agents of SHIELD - "Paradise Lost"What was vaguely interesting, but not as much as I wanted was Gideon’s back story. We knew that he and his brother knew a lot about HYDRA before they were even legal. The bits of the backstory proved to color Gideon as a character who was otherwise mainly flat. However the flashbacks weren’t presenting us with a different side of him. It was his daughter that made him feel like more of a person. Thus when she was unceremoniously killed off when we saw that the awful person Gideon was had always been in his nature it felt rough . She was all in on HYDRA yet her death felt rough. Unfortunately we didn’t know her enough good or bad to feel bad for Gideon.

The team just knows that whatever it is isn’t Ward. It is the same thing that they had been encountered on the other planet. It’s no surprised that they are curious how things are going to work with Hive. It’s interesting to see how they re trying to learn more about Hive, but just call him It. Granted, they are operating only on the knowledge of what they had already seen. The real problem is the difference between what we know and what they know.

Agents of SHIELD - "Paradise Lost"

Daisy and Lincoln had to go find a potential that used to be at afterlife. He was a wild Aussie and had land mines in his front yard. It was rather amusing to see daisy and Lincoln to make quick work of him able to subdue him so they could actually talk. It only went downhill from him because not only did Lincoln and Daisy get the information they needed, but they also got the goods they wanted for nothing. It was a cheap trick, but a good move on Lincoln’s part. Who knows what that man would have done after terigenesis.

What did you think of the episode?

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