Reading Novellas from A Novel Series

Tuesday Talks was created by Janie and Janelle.

I have a completionist personality. So it really isn’t a surprise to learn that I am the kind of person who feels the deep burning desire to read the accompanying novellas that go along with a novel series. That isn’t to say that I’m always completely sure about the content present in these novellas.

Now here is my big problem with some novellas and that’s they are not always necessary See these series are often written in a way that they are not vital to the series. However, the best novellas do in fact impact the story. A novella is still a story. It still holds the same beats as a full length novel, the difference is that it isn’t quite as long. However, often these novellas that are published are extraneous. They are designed so that if someone decides not to read them the tory from the novels is not impacted. The problem with that is the novellas give off the impression that they are not as important.

After saying all that it must be confusing that I would be so devoted to reading novellas. I love them very much. I like the journeys back into the world.

Do you read novellas from a series?

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