The 100 – “Nevermore” Review

The episode felt like a bottle for quite a while. Despite the fact that the characters were moving from place to place the characters were largely together. They were interacting in confined spaces and there wasn’t much action in the early bits of the episode. This allowed for a group of characters to interact who hadn’t had that this information

The 100 - "Nevermore"Instead the focus was the characters and their intense desire to fix the situation. however these characters have gone off in such different tangents that seeing a group of these original characters together felt od. There was a time when they all head each other’s backs. They were constantly together and there was a lightness to them. Things have gotten much darker on the show and it shows. each character has had things develop and struggles have caused the to develop new goals. it isn’t just about the basic surviving. it’s about these characters lving their lives. So seeing them all together again was rather interesting.

There was an interesting moment when ALIE continued to use the people they knew to come after them. It was throwing divides into an already strained group. Watching as Raven sowed seeds of distrust was interesting. She knew just how to get under the skin of everyone there. One by one see got under their skin trying to poke and prod them in hopes that eventually someone would slip. ALIE had a single focus finding out where they were and where the items she needed were.

The 100 - "Nevermore"Then there was another ALIE encounter that ended up in Octavia with a knife to her throat. ALIE wasn’t about just overwhelming them to do what she wanted. However it was so obvious when someone was under ALIE’s control. However when Octavia was attacked by Monty’s mother, he was forced to kill her. It was thought to watch seeing Monty have to cross that line. it went from a point where he had finally reunited to now having to take her out.

All of it culminated in an extremely intense scene involving using an EMP to fry the chip in Raven. It was distressing to watch. You didn’t want ALIE to succeed. You didn’t want Raven to kill herself like ALIE wanted and there was also the hope that ALIE’s presence and the use of the emp wouldn’t destroy who Raven was as a person. The realization that it was just like what was in Lexa was interesting. However ALIE’s realization that she could suddenly be stopped leaves everyone now in danger.

What did you think of the episode?

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