Legends of Tomorrow – “The Magnificent Eight” Review

Legends of Tomorrow - "The Magnificent Eight"Let me take a moment to tell you when I fell in love with this episode. it happened in the middle of the Saloon in the old west. It could have very easily been too cheesey and hokey. However during this time we saw Stein showing his skill at the poker table as a bit of an explanation to Leo as to how a man doesn’t need to turn out like his father. Stein learned skills like gambling from his father, but managed to be different. The westerner drew on Stein so Leo being the good friend he was shot first and resulted in a nice big tavern brawl. Of course it managed to stir up trouble with the Stillwater Gang.

Add in the little tidbits that Hex brought up was rather interesting. For one Jonah Hex had already met Rip. He just hadn’t been able to see the inside of the Waverider. This time he did and was rather intrigued by it. More interesting was that Rip got his coat from Hex back in the day. Hex acted as a figure within the time period. However he was also a trigger for Rip revealing a lot more information about what is going on. Rip was shown as an addict to the time. He enjoyed being a hero.

Legends of Tomorrow - "The Magnificent Eight"Okay Ray Palmer is on a run of choosing terrible names for his alias’s in alternate times. Last week he went with Hannibal Lecter. This week he went with John Wayne. it was almost fitting considering that within moments he became the sheriff. It worked because Ray went from just wanting to save them, to being their protector. His first stand against their leader went successfully because of Leo’s help.

The rest of the mission got a little messy as Ray had to act as sheriff. It wasn’t exactly a job he was good at, but it got Rip to step out of his shill and help. Seeing Rip as a sharp shooter was amusing. However it quickly became clear that the real fight wasn’t with the Stillwater Gang, but with the hunters. it was a nice brawl and somehow the town quickly resumed to normalcy. Yes, this show requires increasing amounts suspension of disbelief.

Legends of Tomorrow - "The Magnificent Eight"Now I’m not going to rant on an on about how the women were relegated to petty love related stuff while everyone else dealt with the threat. It bothered me and stuck out, but it did address again Kendra’s past lives. This time she encountered a former version of herself. She was able to talk about how she ended up a recluse. Also about how tragic loving anyone other than Carter turned out. Though I have to question that logic. I don’t know how much more tragic loving someone else could be when Carter always died. That seems pretty tragic to me. I will say that if Ray dies because of Kendra, I’m going to be very upset because I far prefer Ray’s character to Kendra.

What did you think of the episode?

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