Supergirl -“Better Angels” Review

The cliffhanger from the end of the last episode was quickly resolved. I won’t say that it was easy for them to fix the entire situation, ut it did feel like what could have been a a really tense situation and dangerous circumstances it was involved. In fact shortly after that the entire myriad threat was resolved. Snapping Alex out of her mini trance was the key to fixing everything. It got better. Then they were able to quickly resolve the entire situation. Since that was all that needed to be done it ended up feeling like it could have been resolved at the end of the last episode with a bit better pacing. Myriad was deemed a failure unable to control everyone permanently. What we thought was a dead J’onn was alive and well. And everything was on it’s way.

Supergirl - "Better Angels"With myriad as a control device deemed a failure, Non was convinced to more to a new step. Rather than control everyone on Earth, they are going to use the signal to kill everyone. It was a rather plain plan, but t led to what needed to be done by Kara to save the world. It would have felt better if we understood the real problems we were having. Instead we just saw everyone clutching their heads in pain. it didn’t do much to make it seem all that great. The even bigger problem was the fact that it all felt so rushed. I never got the sense that what we were seeing was a real problem. Then everything just ended up okay. It wasn’t all that create.

What is really interesting that was presented in this episode was the lighter more helpful side of Lord. He started off as an antagonist, but slowly he’s come to appreciate Kara and her role as Supergirl. However where as everyone else seems to be an optimist, Lord is a realist. He recognized that there was a chance that she wouldn’t be coming back. This just led to Kara saying goodbye to the people she cared about. it was ridiculous. Honestly, I didn’t need to see it or get the goody explanation of why she was ding it. I was clear even if I wished we hadn’t had to sit through and watch it all. Kara did her damnedest to protect Earth even though It repeatedly felt like she was giving up.

Supergirl. "Better Angels" Season 1 Episode 20. Season finale. S01E20. property of CBSThis episode could have been great, but it had no punch. Everything just felt like it came and went without any real weight. It felt too cookie cutter. i know that it was a season finale, but it just felt like there could have and should have been a bit more intense. It was filled with heartwarming moments, but it felt like it was too good and too much of goodbyes. It felt like an end and not something that was in a position where there would be more.

What did you think of the episode?


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