Agents Of SHIELD – “The Team” Review

We finally got to see the mini secret warriors team together. It really was just Daisy and Lincoln who we see every week paired with Joey and Yoyo. It is a rather humble team. I found it interesting how they integrated with the team or rather didn’t. In fact the only real integration we saw was between Mac an Yoyo. In fact they felt like a slapped together team within a team that didn’t have any real unity.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Team"Their success in the early part of the episode meant that they had Gideon in their custody. Gideon was a wealth of information. Even if everything that he offered was not what Coulson wanted to hear. Gideon believes so fully into HYDRA he saw Hive as a god. However it was clear that what he initially saw as a god had changed in Gideon’s mind. Sure, he still saw Hive as a god, but he wasn’t sure that he still saw it as his god.

FitzSimmons were able to look into the disease that was infecting the base. The team realized it quickly and it went into lock down. however, this infection only effected the inhumans. So the four secret warriors were up for debate. Gideon swore that one of them was infected, but it wasn’t clear who it was early on. One of the Inhumans was infected and making everyone on the base suspicious. It was a bad situation that needed to be hashed out for the safety of everyone.

Agents of SHIELD - "The Team"The way that the infected story line ended up playing out managed to remain interesting. Lincoln was assumed as the on being the one who was controlled by Hive. Somehow he had been for a long time. It was interesting and strange. i’m still not entirely sure how it gets explained away. it doesn’t completely make sense, but the discovery of Lincoln being vulnerable was the downfall for the team. In fact, no sooner than we saw the meager and frankly lackluster Secret Warriors come together they were disbanded officially, not that anyone really wanted to work together after this episode. It was rather upsetting to know that what could have been awesome was reduced to something so little. I wanted something more.

I was a little surprised that the final reveal was shown in this episode, that Daisy was the one being controlled. It was a new development which explained why Lincoln being the infected didn’t make sense. However it was all the little pieces that finally made more sense. Seeing Daisy as a bad guy was interesting. her power is so strong that she is a total danger. Inhumans following hive is interesting. More compelling is seeing Daisy and Ward pair up in a way. Though I feel bad for Lincoln being locked up.

What did you think of the episode?9

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