The Flash – “Versus Zoom” Review

Barry was able to use the Tachyon device to go fast. In it Barry briefly blinked out of existence, but was back so quickly that no one on the team noticed he’d left Earth 1. In fact there was no mention that he’d actually gone to Supergirl’s Earth. However I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned. Considering he was able to jump to another world with that device it should have been possible for him to escape to Earth=2

The Flash - "Versus Zoom"What was interesting was Wally entering the situation and wanted to laundry at Joe’s house. Then it was revealed that Wally was no longer living on campus because it was too expensive. Something Joe promptly offered to help with and was shut down. It was Barry who realized that Wally might just want a place to live. Barry was all down for it even though that meant they could have less pizza from Keystone. Wally quickly accepted it which was interesting and installed him as a fixture. Wally is going to be more than just someone popping up. Instead he’s taking one

There was an interesting focus on Cisco this week. Reverb was the topic of interest. Reverb was much stronger that Cisco was. If Reverb could do it the theory was that Cisco could do it too. However that would mean him really delving into his power. Cisco was really struggling with it. This involved a lot of references from Cisco about Star Wars and how he was afraid of the force within him. It turns out the reason he was having such trouble with his power was this fear that he would go dark and become like Reverb.

The Flash - "Versus Zoom"This all led to a big confrontation with Zoom. It was nice seeing him unmasked even though just like last season we already knew who was under the mask. Jay was someone who had been changed. He was someone who was driven by his use. he was an ultimate junkie. He’s going to get what he wants at all costs. The trap that the team sprung wasn’t nearly as effective as it needed to be. Zoom got out and he took Wally captive. This put Wally in an interesting position not knowing who The Flash was. However it also elicited an interesting moment from Barry, where it was clear that Barry cares for Wally too even if he isn’t as invested as Joe and Iris. His mini speech about helping the family because that is what matters most worked for me. Things still got worse when Zoom officially took Barry’s speed force, nearly killed him and then made off with Caitlin.

What did you think of the episode?

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