Legends of Tomorrow – “Last Refuge” Review

It was interesting this episode that the same concept explored two episodes was back again in this episode. Rather than it being other characters in the line of fire it was themselves. They were being hunted. Their past selves were in jeopardy. That meant they needed to find a way to protect themselves. Traveling through time was easy and they managed to secure themselves into safe locations. How they managed to secure themselves was quick, but ultimately worked.It would hae been a downer if they delled too long on them just trying to make sure their past selves were okay.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Last Refuge"The most interesting jump was Jackson’s. We learned that his father had died. Jefferson grew up thinking that his father had never been at his birth. Not only did he learn that it wasn’t exactly true, but even got a moment with his father. It was a sweet moment that I saw coming. The way it was teased made it seem that he was in the military, when that was confirmed I found myself torn. I wanted Jefferon to have a moment to be happy with his dad, but at the same time paradoxes.

Though a close second was a young Mick and his own self blame. It was interesting to see a bit of the seed of doubt that was planted in him. It was a bit of humanity that Mick’s character definitely needed. He was dark and brooding, but there wasn’t a whole lot that really drove us to like him or even hate him. He was a character with quirks, but not a whole lot else. I wanted to like him more, but this episode gave his character a bit of depth that he didn’t have.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Last Refuge"The real big moment of the episode came with the big confrontation. After it became clear that a deal could potentially be made by trading in an early Rip Hunger before the trade was ever made, things went a bit nutty. It seemed that they went for an all out brawl. However it turned out that the young Rip was a little violent child. Rip took her out with no hesitation. To make it clear just how vicious a little Rip was he didn’t even need prodding from an older Rip. The older Rip just knew that his younger self would have killed or done anything to kill anything that hurt him.

What did you think of the episode?

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