The Flash – “Back to Normal” Review

Caitlin is not too pleased with being Hunter Zolomon’s captive. She loved Jay Garrick and that is a burn. However what is like a double burn for her he made everything worse by not letting her go when he had the chance. He used her and that means that Caitlin is in a bad place. The kind of place that if pushed the wrong way she could end up just like Killer Frost. Love keeps blowing up in her face in such awful ways. however the most interesting thing from the episode came from the time spent between the two selves of Caitlin. However the most impressive move came when Killer frost of Earth-2 was ready to kill Caitlin.

The Flash - "Back to Normal"The big duh moment of the episode went to Iris. When she asked if she thought the person who stopped a car was a metahuman I wanted to slap her. Iris is smarter than that. At least I got the impression that she was smarter than that.

It was a good thing that it was rather interesting seeing the metahuman of the week. He had incredible strength. It was kind of amazing. However, the more he used his power, the more he aged. So it was the first real sign that there were negatives to being a metahuman and it was rather interesting to see. It seemed like a simple solution to me. Sure it made sense to want to be fixed. However, it seems like a rather simple solution. he didn’t seem to age unless he used his strength. Logic would dictate that once realizing you continually age when using strength, one would stop doing so. Not use it more to feebly and unsuccessfully try to change things.

The episode ended up bringing in Jessie into the mix again after running away. Someone finally found her and it didn’t seem like she went all that far away. However it was really just a mode to put Harry in a bind and get Jessie in the picture. Even if she wasn’t going to listen to her father and return, she wasn’t going to leave him hanging when they were in danger. it also brought them to a place where they were finally going to get along. They had to make compromises, but that was good.

The Flash - "Back to Normal"Wally is really getting all of the feels. After having his near brush with death he wants nothing more than to thank The Flash. That meant him going to his father to get him a connection. It took some beating down, but Joe eventually gave in to setting something up.

All throughout, what surprisingly wasn’t as big of a problem as expected was that Barry didn’t have his speed. This left Barry feeling down on himself. He felt less than, which is unfortunate. It’s easy to forget that Barry is a smart guy. He’s talented. His life was in a good place before he got his powers. He walked around in the suit.

What did you think of the episode?

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