Legends of Tomorrow – “Leviathan” Review

Enter Vandal Savage’s daughter, Cassandra. It wasn’t surprising that the moment she appeared on the scene she was an antagonist. A well trained minion of her father. however, just like his other pawns she was used and twisted to do his bidding. She thought her father was in the right and just. His terrible actions may have been deplorable, but they were done because he had to and he was doing what was necessary to save people. It didn’t take much prodding from Captain Cold to decide that Cassandra would turn on her father.

lots01e13x01My real frustration in the episode actually came from Kendra. This entire show has been predicated on the fact that Rip went back in time to save not just his family but the whole world. Sure, his family was a casualty that spurred his actions and drove him, but it never changed the fact that thousands of people were dying under Savage’s reign. Yet, Kendra when given the opportunity to finally kill Savage. She faced the opportunity to end it all. She didn’t. Because Savage was bound in such a way that she would have destroyed Carter. So rather than stop the madness she didn’t kill him. This frustrated me because it calls into question so much of Kendra’s character and her selfishness. Especially since we’ve seen so much of her struggling with fate and what she wanted.

I really don’t have much to say about this episode other than those minor frustrations. It was certainly cool seeing Atom as a giant rather than going small. However much of the rest of the episode frustrated me. Actually, I’ll be honest much of this show bothers me. I don’t have love for it like I do Arrow and The Flash, but rather enjoy the minor adventures.

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