The Flash – “Rupture” Review

They are using a hologram to pretend like The Flash is still in business. It worked rather well, but how long that could last was quickly called into question. Wells is deadset on recreating the explosion. he’s damn near giddy about it. He’s completely all about doing it. however, the more that you think about it you start to realize this is more that just about fixing things. It is a lot about proving that he can do this on his own. That what he created was entirely worthy. However that wasn’t the case.

The Flash - "Rupture"Which meant that we saw the return of Barry’s father. He came to act protective over his son. After everything that happened and being away, it really feels too little too late. Barry’s father came to cast doubt on Barry’s decision. He wanted his speed so he was willing to go for Harry’s plan. However, Barry was not as gungho once his father thought it was a bad idea. It just seems that Barry’s father is a little bit too hands off with Barry. He only pops up to offer bold statements of support or disagreement. It makes his character feel like he has no nuance.

The interesting threat came from the intrusion of Zoom onto Earth 1. He is certainly out to conquer worlds. Right now his plan just seems to be conquer. he’s bringing more Earth-2 metahumans to help. This time it was Cisco’s brother. However before that we got some real bonding between the Earth-1 brothers. It was interesting to see them together again. Also it was nice seeing them grow closer to each other. However the Earth-2 version was not quite that sharp and was defeated relatively easily.

The Flash - "Rupture"Wally wanted to help. He’s completely in to helping in any way possible. His encounter with The Flash has made him determined. However as being someone close to the team, Wally ended up locked up with Jessie. They were there so they could be save, but both of them knew it was because they were close to The Flash. The big difference is Wally is still in the dark about who exactly is behind the mask.

Eventually they went through with the parricle accelerator explosion. They just didn’t tell Jessie and Wally. The explosion ended up disintegrated Barry, or doing something that isn’t clear. While Jessie and Wally were also hit by the blast knocking them out. The result was a lot of tears and heartache. it certainly seemed like a doomed situation. However, it’s also nice to know that this was how Jessie and Wally will come to get his powers.

What did you think of the episode?

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