Arrow – “Genesis” Review

John is not in his right mind. He is frustrated and uncertain. He’s carrying a lot of guilt on his shoulders and it’s making him behave irrationally. John has gone more than just vigilante, but reckless.John was a problem that was waiting to happen. Lyla didn’t like his behavior. it got him to finally back down some. However John was a loose canon and backing down took him from reckless to just dangerous.

Arrow - "Genesis"Andy was just a trainwreck of a person though. He is evil and pushed buttons. Any humanity he had was long gone. it’s almost unbelievable what he became. he didn’t seem to have any shred of humanity left in him. it was odd considering that we were repeatedly told about how he had a family before. He pushed John, he used him and Andy paid the price. As he taunted John that final time it seemed like it was finally clear that there was absolutely no going back.

What I found particularly strange was the sudden realignment of Oliver and Felicity. They left off on such a bitter cold note that it was weird seeing them together and getting along. Sure, there was some tension, but Felicity was her usual light and fun self. She blared back into the spotlight stealing scenes with her delightful nature. The real problem was that the working together seemed a bit to easy. it did allow for the pair to air out some of their thoughts without them being too heated. Instead it was cloaked in Oliver’s mission for magic. That mission didn’t pan out every well as he hoped. His contact couldn’t teach him magic, but Oliver was still able to repel some of Darhk’s magic.

Arrow - "Genesis"Thea was off on her own for the majority of the episode. She knew things were off in this suburban bliss. She noticed the patterns and proved not to be useless. We didn’t get to see a whole lot of what situation she is in exactly. We do know that she’s in an artificial environment and she’s most certainly being held captive.

What did you think of the episode?

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