The Flash – “Invincible” Review

I don’t like Barry’s Dad. He is a voice of reason yes.However there’s something about the way he’s constantly trying to get in Barry’s way that frustrates me. Barry called out the fact that his dad wasn’t there for him. That is the complete truth. yes, the first time it wasn’t entirely his fault. There was nothing that could be done. However once he was released he immediately ran off. That is not being there for your son. He wasn’t trying to make up for lost time. He tried to stay out of the way for Barry to do what he needed to do. However now that he really needs to do something he’s doing nothing but getting in Barry’s way.

The Flash - "Invincible"Wally is seriously suffering from a need to help. Wally just keeps going out there trying to be a crime fighter. He’s throwing himself into dangerous situations to try to help people. That includes the Flash. Despite warnings to back off since he wasn’t actually going to do that. Wally is out risking himself and Joe doesn’t like it one bit. In fact it is partially because Barry is suffering from a lack of fear. Wally just wants to help and doesn’t care if that means he is getting into danger. Also let’s just go ahead and mention that Wally and Jessie flirting is pretty awesome.

Enter Black Siren. She was coming around to wreck everything in Central City. She literally was out to bring buildings down. Of course this was the Laurel from Earth 2. She was totally and completely bad. She was just one of the many villains that Zoom had in his arsenal. Granted she was one of his lieutenants, but she hated that Zoom didn’t think she could handle Barry. To Zoom’s credit. She really wasn’t very well adept at handling him. Eventually the team got her under lock and key, but it was still hard for the group seeing Laurel after she died.

The Flash - "Invincible"The plan that they used to scare all the Earth 2 people back really ended up working well. It did get the metahumans away and those who were incapacitated locked up. It was pretty interesting how they set it up, but it wasn’t without damaging Wells.

Zoom was not happy about being pushed out. He was so determined to assert his revenge that he came for Henry. Right in the middle of Team Flash family dinner Zoom came. However this did multiple things for the show. It took something more from Barry. it also reinstilled the fear that he was missing. Also in Barry’s urgency to go for his father he left and clued Wally in to the fact that he was the Flash. This will bring a new dynamic for their relationship.

What did you think of the episode?


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