Arrow – “Lost in the Flood” Review

Arrow is back for it’s penultimate episode. Things have been ramping up for the past few episodes. That is something that Arrow is really good at. As the end of a season approaches, it raises to fever pitches until it is clear that something needs to be done. in this case it is nukes going off. It is kind of terrible that everything ramped all the way up to nuclear weaponry.

Arrow - "Lost in the Flood"There were some interesting family dynamics going on with Felicity. She had her father still in the mix trying to prevent the end of the world. Maybe Noah was a bit of a dangerous man who was selfish, but he loved his daughter, he also wasn’t a fool. Destroying a city like Darhk wanted to do did nothing to help his agenda. however in this episode we finally saw Felicity actually bonding with her father. As the episode went on it became clear that Noah was clearly following his daughter. Enter the issue with Donna. She was not happy to see Noah around. It also came out that she stole Felicity away from Noah so that her daughter wouldn’t be around her. She does not like him. What makes me like her so much is that she stood her ground and still insisted that Noah get out of Felicity’s life despite them seeming to bond. It’s amazing how Donna continues to show new sides over herself. She is a side character, but possibly my favorite side character in the entire show.

The flashbacks. I swore I wouldn’t mention them this season. However this episode things finally got a bit interesting. Oliver’s island friend, sorry I don’t know her name, has become consumed by the totem. She is still on the side of good, but the use of the totem is driving her to become desensitized to death. Death does power her and give her strength so it makes sense.

Arrow - "Lost in the Flood"Then there was the under ground town situation. I really kind of hated that bunker. it was meant for all of the people who were to stay with Darhk and his plan. it was of course a complete disaster once people started going after the real goal. However what was frustrating and served as a temporary unnecessary road block. Yes I’m talking about Thea’s temporary mindwashing. It just was not needed at all in the slightest.

What did you think of the episode?

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