#BooktubeSFF Babbles: Overlooked Science Fiction

Well who would have thought that I would get to rant again about my love for Science Fiction. (Seriously, I might have a problem.) I didn’t. At least until I looked at the list of topics for the babbles. All of that is beside the point. This week I’m talking about Overlooked Science Fiction. There is a lot of Science Fiction out there. There are all sorts of genres and subsects. Some of those areas get more overlooked than others. However, today isn’t about the genre as a whole, it’s about the specific books.

I’ve read a lot of great Science Fiction stories. Some of them are more well known than others. This time I’m going to talk about four books that I feel don’t get the credit they deserve.

The Fold by Peter Clines
This book came out last year and I haven’t heard a thing about this book which I think is a shame. It is an interesting book, but does fall into a bit dense scienfiction. As the story is being set up and the complications that the characters face are being established there are a lot of detailed scientific descriptions. Clines does a really great job of keeping them from getting too dense or difficult to follow, but they are still there. I really loved this book.

Proxy by Alex London
The world presented in this story is fantastic. Upon first glance it just seem that we are in a far distant future. We get the perspective of two very different ends of society. One character is rich and punishment free. Then there is the other character who is poor and in an attempt to gain money and such he serves as the other characters proxy taking his punishment. As the two characters get to know each other we get to see how messed up this world is. It’s an interesting book and i definitely enjoyed it.

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
I don’t have much to say about this one. I loved it. If you like zombie fiction and you like Military Science Fiction, you should make sure that you check it out. The world us starting to lose it and Joe Ledger is out to try to stop that from happening.

Foundation by Isaac Asimov
I felt like I needed to include a selection that was for an older story. I don’t hear many people talking about this one, s I thought that it should be on the list. It’s one of those building block stories of science fiction.

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