Game of Thrones – Breaker Of Chains

The wildlings are gaining ground on the interior of the wall as Mance nears the wall. Jon Snow’s lies about the size of the forces at Castle Black are beginning to come back to haunt him. With the danger clearly at their doorstep, they need to make a decision. They are the one barrier between the wildlings and the decimation of life on the other side of the wall. Jon acknowledges this and makes the claim that rather than solidify their limited forces at the wall, they need to go out to Caster’s area to stop the wildlings from learning about their limited forces.

Breaker of ChainsAlso at the wall Sam is quite worried about Gilly and young Sam. He realizes that her being the only woman at the wall is dangerous. Not all men at the wall had a savory past. His solution is to get Gilly a place in town. It honestly doesn’t seem much safer, but Sam seems to feel better about the situation even if it makes Gilly feel neglected.

Arya and the hound had an interesting encounter with a kindly man and his daughter. When questioned about what the pair was doing on their land, Arya made up a lie about who they were that got them a meal. Unsurprisingly, The Hound was brash and not very gracious in the other man’s home. After the man offered The Hound and Arya a place to stay for some silver, it seemed like he agreed. Moments later, he knocked out the man and stole his silver, claiming the man and his daughter would be dead by winter. And Arya would best open her eyes to the truth of the world.

Back in King’s Landing, our characters were still reeling from the death of Joffrey. Tywin was unaffected by the death of Joffrey and quickly pointed out to Tommen that Joffrey was not wise. His lesson was that Tommen would be a good and successful thing as long as he made sure that he was wise. Tyrion is locked in the dungeons as he awaits trial. Unfortunately, there is no one for him to call on to defend him in the trial. He was even shocked to learn that Sansa had not been seen since the wedding. In fact, Sansa is off with Littlefinger who appears to have orchestrated Joffrey’s murder (though we’ve yet to see how he managed it) and is finally rescuing her. Only Cersei seemed disappointed by the death of Joffrey. And in her grief, she continued to deny Jamie, who decided he didn’t care what she wanted.

Breaker of ChainsDaenerys finally reached Meereen with her forces. The people of Meereen crowded around their walls and watched as their warrior pissed on the ground before Daenerys. Her response was to send Daario to dispatch the warrior. He did so with a swiftness, again proving his elite skills as a warrior. To and insult to injury for the privileged of Meereen, Daario then pissed in front of them. Daenerys led in to her speech about what she’s done for the slaves of the places she’s encountered. She drove her point home by launching barrels of broken slave shackles. That is how you make a point.

What did you think of the episode?

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