Doctor Who Series 8 Is Upon Us

I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I have two sonic screwdrivers, multiple pairs of socks, and a TARDIS night light and that is just the start of it. I’m fairly certain there are others that are even bigger fans then me. However, I won’t let someone with a more obsessive personality than my own get me down. I am currently filled with excitement. I am bristling with joy at the approach of Season 8 of the new Doctor Who. After more than a year since a non-special episode, it is time for some more antics from the Doctor and his companion. Starting August 23rd, we get to see more.

'Doctor Who' TV series filming, Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University, Wales, Britain - 18 Mar 2014The return of Doctor Who means the return of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Is like an event in itself. My dad remembers when he used to watch Doctor Who as a kid. Now I am watching the show and it is bigger in the US, and worldwide, than it ever has been before. But with the return of the Doctor, and with a new regeneration at that, one has to wonder what we are in store for. There has been plenty of word that the latest series is the darkest the show has ever gone. There is also word that Capaldi and Coleman have wonderful chemistry. Aside from a list of episode titles, their writers, and the general genre of the episode, one has to wonder what will this new Doctor be like.

The only thing that I can tell you for certain is that come Saturday, you’ll be able to find a review and initial analysis of the latest Doctor.

Are you excited for the new series of Doctor Who?

One thought on “Doctor Who Series 8 Is Upon Us

  1. Am I excited for the new series? Oh yes, absolutely! Every regeneration leaves you with a bitter-sweet feeling. It’s always saw to say goodbye to the Doctor you grew to love (I cried for days when Ten regenerated), but it’s also exciting to see how the Doctor will be like.

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