Z Nation – “Philly Feast” Review

The crew made it into Philly this week. Unfortunately for Cassandra that meant she was in the home territory for her crazy ex-family. If the guy from last week wasn’t a signal that the family was a shady bunch. Made even more clear with the knowledge that the leader is a crazy. In case you didn’t know he was crazy they gave him a crossed eye so you can never truly know who he’s looking at. It’s unsettling, but the way they all act is even more settling. Not stopping at going for their Sunshine (Cassandra), but also snatched Addy.

Z Nation - "Philly Feast"Three episodes in, we hit some really dark material. Knowing Cassandra’s old family is perverse is one thing. Knowing that they are eating people alive is another. No. These people aren’t just eating human flesh. They aren’t killing their victims. No that would make their sweet meat spoil. No, the family is keeping their victims strung up and alive, taking chunks of meat as they please to feed those that are family. It’s no wonder that everyone in the family falls into one of two categories: deranged and violent or traumatized into silence.

The family is dangerous and the last place Cassandra wanted to go. It wasn’t surprising that negotiations went sour. The only reason the group got out alive was because Cassandra offered herself up in Addy’s place. It was a nice gesture, but seemed out of place for Cassandra after her previous objections. No she didn’t seem like a heartless woman, but she also seemed like a person who valued her life more than others.

Our group, with the insistence of the women, decided it was imperative to get Cassandra back. I’m damn glad she did because the head of the family seems to not only force cannibalism on his family, but also uses the women for the men’s sexual gratification. It was nice to see that not everyone in the family had been mind washed and helped Cassandra. It also led to a very awesome moment of Cassandra tasing the awful man in the mouth. Thus when the family’s compound was flooded with puppies and kittens and the good guys got out safely, I was quite pleased. Though one can’t deny the striking image of the mother sitting out of it, beside the portrait.

What did you think of the episode?

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