NaNoWriMo Update 2015 #1 + Excerpt

Almost a full week down. Day 6. We can do this guys.

Usually I’m totally on a high during the first week or so. The exhaustion hasn’t set in. There’s the thrill of writing a new story. All I need is the time to go and the story unfolds. It’s kind of like magic. So exciting and thrilling. Let me tell you that is still in effect for me. I thought I’d be luke warm on this story. However, my two main characters have jumped off the page and come to life in ways that I didn’t imagine. My female MC is fierce, but so vulnerable you just want to hug her. My male MC is really enjoyable to have, filled with insecurities and ticks.

All that said, I’ve had a rough couple of days. Things have been getting in the way. I’ve been extra busy and thus I have been struggling to reach my current goal. I usually like to post this after I’ve reached my daily count for the day, but as it got later, I realized that wasn’t an option. In short, I’m getting stressed. Thankfully, the writing is not part of it, just something that is being effected.

This year I’m writing a story called God Complex. It started as a very different idea. Slowly it morphed and if you saw my original notes, you would have no idea that this even sprung from the same idea. I did keep the name though. I’m really enjoying digging in to this world and exploring these characters.

It is now time I share with you the opening of my latest NaNoWriMo project. Here are the first from the prologue of God Complex. Note, this is a completely unedited excerpt. I don’t even know if it will make it into the next draft.

The growl from the dog served as a warning for the rabid barking thst succeeded it, proving that she couldn’t get within 10 feet of a dog. Dahlia jumped on the sidewalk as far from the leashed mutt as she could get. He was cute and probably friendly to anyone, but her. She was used to it though and simply bowed her head and scurried along past the last few houses to arrive home.

As she opened the door a loud meow echoed through the foyer. A small black cat with tan marks around her eyes rubbed along the back of Dahlia’s legs. The cat purred at the touch, arching her back, and slinking off through the house.

“Hi, mom. I’m home,” Dahlia said as she dropped her bag and shedded her jacket. Her mother rushed out of the kitchen clutching to old lunch boxes.

“Ah Dahlia. We have to do,” her mom said as her eyes darted around the room. They finally settled on her shoes kicked off by the door. “Put on your jacket.”

Dahlia did as she was told, but couldn’t ignore the panic that seemed to be overtaking her mother. “Where are we going?”

“Do you remember that play I told you about. I got us tickets. Come on, off we go.”

Never once did her mother let her eyes rest on her daughter for more than two seconds. Dahlia followed her mother out of the house curious by her mother’s behavior.

“What about daddy?” Dahlia asked.

Her mother locked the door and hurried her to the car. “Don’t worry about him. This is just for you and me.”

The drive was long and out of the way. She may have been seven, but she considered herself quite adept at navigation. They’d been to the theatre district before and the route her mother drove certainly was not it. She wasn’t even sure where there were.

They pulled up to a large school somewhere nearly an hour’s drive away. Inside the play her mother promised was there. Only it was some hokey rendition filled with high school kids. Even Dahlia could tell it wasn’t as good as the real stuff, but the way her mother kept looking over her shoulder, made her keep her mouth shut.

It wasn’t until the drive back that the tension oozing off her mother became unbearable. “Is everything alright?”

“Of course sweetheart.” She glances at the time. “Oh it’s late. You will have to go right to bed.” The smile that spread across her face was thin and rigid.

Streetlights blurred past her vision, leaving trails of light in their wake. Her eyes tried to follow them until her head spun. She squeezed her eyes shut, as the colorful light show on her eyelids danced in swirls and blobs of purples and blues.

Then everything stopped. The car jerked still and she unclicked her seatbelt. Daddy’s car wasn’t in the driveway and the lights in the house were still completely dark.

Mom crawled out of the car and motioned for Dahlia to stay inside. None of the streetlights shone brightly like they usually did. There was a stillness to the night that crept under Dahlia’s skin. Then there was barking.

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