Regarding Fantasy #3: Escapism

I’ve talked about escapism on here before, but this time I’m going to focus solely on escapism in regard to fantasy. Every story, every tv show, no matter what the genre is a form of escapism. If done well, you are thrown from your day to day life and experiences to become a part of a new reality. Fantasy simply elevates the level of escapism.

Fantasy is Primed for Escapism
By the very nature of Fantasy, it is something entirely different from the world that we know. A world of Fantasy could be very familiar to our own or it could be radically different to the point we struggle to conceive it. With such a wide range of Fantasy, each individual person can choose the world they want. Every Fantasy story is out to tell a different tale and some may simply be an alternative way for us to process something currently going on in our world. A Fantasy seeks to bring its audience in. it seeks to make people feel a part of the world that has been created. Those who read a fantasy can not get into and appreciate the story without escaping the confines of what they know is true. Fantasy is there to bend reality in some way. But a good Fantasy will keep you grounded, so you still feel the created world is real.

Every story has its own worldbuilding. It is everything that is reality and truth to a story. Not a single written story can go on without worldbuilding. For a Fantasy, the worldbuilding is essential. For some fantastical element to be accepted, we need to understand the world we will be residing in. The more different the world is from our current one, the more world building is necessary. even in a story with only one minor fantastical element, still needs to account for it. If we ignore it, loopholes and uncertainty can open. One of the best things about worldbuilding is the ability for it to create an entire world unfamiliar to us that suddenly becomes familiar and makes sense. Good, appropriate worldbuilding will allow people to embrace the story and want to experience it.

It is the entire world that is the draw. A truly well built world will leave someone wanting to delve into the world, not just the story. A well conceived world will make people want to experience it. I don’t know how many people wish they could go to Hogwarts. These people aren’t saying I wish I went through Harry’s journey. They simply want to be a part of the world that was created. I’ve heard people say similar things about X-Men. They want to be on the team or they wish they could go to Charles Xavier’s School for the Gifted. It is escaping into a new world that excites people.

Why Escape into Fantasy
I’ve heard some people argue that people who deeply enjoy fantasy don’t enjoy their own lives. This may be true for some people, but I’m fairly certain it isn’t true for all who read fantasy. Escapism in Fantasy is more than just an escape from your own life. It is an escape from the wold as we know it. It grants you the ability to see the world in ways that shouldn’t be possible. it allows us to experience a world where our wildest dreams have the ability to come true. Most importantly Fantasy allows someone to take a step back and use their imagination to reconstruct a collective world that all fans can inhabit.

If you could escape into a Fantasy world for one day, what would it be?

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