About Persevering

With NaNoWriMo in full swing the idea of persevering through the hard times is important. Though, this definitely isn’t exclusive to the month of the November. There comes a point for everyone when they wonder if they can keep going. Sometimes it is hard and there seems like no end in sight. It used to happen to me in high school during band camp, and i knew when it ended. That’s the trouble, sometimes things just get hard and if you aren’t dedicated to what you are doing, you’re liable to fail.

But don’t worry, it isn’t the end of the world if you feel the weight of possible failure. It happens to everyone at some point. If you never feel it, you are probably a bit too overconfident. The key is realizing that you aren’t alone. Even more important is that the fate of whatever you are doing is in your hands. If you’ve made it so far as to filming an entire movie, you aren’t going to give p before editing. And if you just wrote the climax of your baby, I mean novel, you aren’t going to scrap it without an ending. When you realize that you’ve already put in most of the work, you just need to push through the hump.

I realize sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes you need a break. If you feel confident that you aren’t going to blow it off, then go ahead. But for most people if you reach this troubled stage of uncertainty, you’re better trudging forward. Don’t confuse this with realizing your project is wrong. It happens. Sometimes you go through the majority of a project and the realize that it is all wrong. If that is the case, opting to cut ties with a current project could be the only good response. But that is not always the case.

Pushing through the hard times is an essential skill if you want to succeed at anything. It is impossible for someone to go through with something they are passionate about without hitting a stumbling block. What makes someone successful is the ability to bounce back and persevere. If you give up, you will not succeed because you will never have a finished project to call your own.

Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to not give up. Every time I give up, I forfeit the opportunity to become better or to accomplish a goal. It sets me back in my goals and there isn’t much I can do about it. When my confidence takes a hit, I remember what my end goal is and I think of how If I give up I will never achieve it.

How do you persevere?

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