The Originals – Fruit of the Poisoned Trees

Agnes tries to kill the baby through Sophie

Agnes tries to kill the baby through Sophie

Elijah is awake and back with his family and isn’t waiting a minute to fix the mess he helped make. First task on the agenda is delivering on his promise to Davina and supplying her with spells from his mother’s grimoire. It is enticing for Davina, but even more entertaining for us to watch Elijah, the good brother, manipulate a young girl. I’m uncertain at this point where Davina’s loyalty lies, but it is clear that she is strong.

The other witches are dead set on killing Sophie Devereaux. After discovering that Sophie simply wants to kill Davina and destroy the Mikaelson family’s newest chance of surviving the mess they are in. Klaus and Elijah are willing to let Sophie die, but first they need to unlink Hayley from Sophie. After learning so much about Sophie and her motivations last week, we also got to see that she was strong. This week upended that development by making her beg Elijah to keep the deal.

The major threat in this episode is Marcel discovering Klaus’s little plan. Of course he ran to his best mate, Thierry for his advice and insight on the situation. Considering he’s had at least a month to think over what happened, I’m certain he’s figured out as much as he possibly could. For a minute, it seemed as though Marcel was falling for Klaus’s ploy. Unfortunately, the connection that Marcel was rather week, but it got the job done.

Hayley and Elijah seem to have a much stronger bond than Hayley and Klaus. Since the beginning, Elijah has fought for Hayley. It was his doing that convinced Klaus to save Hayley to protect his unborn child. While Klaus is endlessly devoted to his baby, his feelings for Hayley are much weaker.

This episode went so far to acknowledge that Rebekah has been no more than a babysitter for the wolf girl. it’s great that they acknowledged what they were doing, but it would be even better if Rebekah actually got to have and interesting role in this whole storyline. It isn’t until she decides she wants to leave New Orleans that we get to see some progress from her arc. We finally got to see some of the chemistry between Rebekah and Marcel, but it was all under the pretense of using that against Klaus. While it’s clear that she no longer going to be leaving the city. It is nice to realize that Rebekah is no fool, she’s lived over a thousand years, and realizes when someone is trying to use her.

What did you think of the episode?

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