Robocop (1987)

Robocop cop came out before I was born in 1987 and boy was it a product of it’s time. As a science fiction film, it makes sense that the technology used to accomplish certain effects would date it. It happens to even the best of films, but in many ways it is entirely inevitable. That isn’t what makes the movie not so good. Instead it’s because it was campy, poorly acted, and the characters were rather dull. That’s not even to mention all the plot holes.

Missed the Boat
robocop19887There are some movies that can capture generation after generation of people. Movies like that tend to feel timeless as people can repeatedly enjoy them. Robocop isn’t one of those movies. Instead, Robocop falls into the category of movies that caught the attention and adoration of a generation, but not necessarily those after. Robocop may have been in the hearts of millions for years, but I’d never seen. I’d heard of how people revered it. I knew there were people who thought it was amazing. I waited to watch it and I was bored when I did.

My Issues
My biggest grip with the film was the gratuity.  Robocop shot a woman between her legs to shoot a guy in the dick. Seriously, it happened. If Robocop was supposed to be the ultimate cop. I’m not entirely sure how because the movie never touched on it, so maybe he as supposed to have a flawed sense of humor. Either way, it seems weird that a cop would do such a thing. Time and time again, the violence in the movie felt entirely over the top and more than was necessary. The movie had an R rating, but it wasn’t necessary to portray the plot they had going. It had an R rating so all the extra acts of violence, and explicitness could be thrown in as well.

The next major issue has to come with the plot. The main focus of the movie wasn’t that there was a man in a robotic suit. Instead it focused on internal strife within the company OCP. Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear that this was the plot line that they were going to use until half-way through the movie. Now, I don’t have a problem with changing goals. However, the goal of the movie just wasn’t clear at all in the beginning.

Robocop-1987Then there was the fact that the supposed protragonist was a completely blank slate. Even before he was put into a machine, he was a bland character. The most characterization he was given was that he spun his gun because his son saw it in a movie and thought it was cool. Other than that, we didn’t get much sense of him as a character. The other characters were just as much of a problem as many of them were just there. His partner had a bit more character as she constantly wanted to involve herself. Why it didn’t make sense because there was never any indication that Alex was still himself in any way, not until the end. She was also extremely irritating and I longed for her ueselessness to go away.

Compared to the Remake
If I had to sit down and watch one of the Robocops again, the original vs the remake, I would choose the remake in a heartbeat. Now don’t get me wrong, I went in to watch the original with the same expectations as the remake only I expected to find why people loved it. Instead, I found myself loving the newer version for the depth and straying away from gratuitous violence. It’s weird when I am saying violence is gratuitous because I generally find it entertaining. But the original completely ignored all the complications that came with the prospect of putting a man in a suit and stripping away his humanity.

Tell me why you loved the original Robocop.

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