Misfits Finale

Misfits Series 5 Cast

Misfits Series 5 Cast

After 5 seasons, Misfits is over. I’ve have some time to think over then ending and I’ve got to say, for the wild ride that I had been taken on for years, the ending didn’t quite live up to all of the prior excitement. That said, I believe I’ve only ever been truly satisfied by all of two series finales. Misfits had a lot to do to live up to the expectations I had. And while it may not have left me feeling satisfied, or wondering what they would be doing next, or pleasantly surprised with how it ended. I will always have a place in my heart for Misfits.

The finale this season, felt like another episode. It didn’t feel special, but it did resolve the season long arc revolving around the sweaters. I’ll admit, they idea of a prophetic woman who knitted what she saw was a nice little touch. However, week after week, it never paid off. Not until the final episode. All of that unsubtle foreshadowing called for something a bit more intense. I wanted to feel the rush and excitement like I did in the season 3 finale. I wanted to really care and I wanted things to have a much bigger stake. I also wanted more ramifications. The entire plot of the episode was pulled from under us went back to a few moments in the beginning. Although, if Jess wanted the baby so bad, why have it with Luke and not just with Rudy? The point the not so intense, but still entertaining, story line was retconned as Jess changing the future, taking away what little issues stood.

Simon and Alisha

Simon and Alisha

Let’s compare this to season 3 finale, which on it’s own could have served as a series finale. The relationship that had been building for three years was in full swing. Alisha and Simon were finally in a good place, but Alisha was worried about Simon running off to be a hero. We then learn that Simon is superhoodie, sent from the future, to save Alisha’s life. But Simon fails and Alisha dies and the cycle continues, presumably forever as Simon and Alisha live through this loop of their life, where she will always end up dying, but Simon is able to be with her. It is a great romantic gesture. You feel his sacrifice, the loss of that situation. We’d seen how intense and passionate Alisha and Simon were. It was justified.

The actual series finale was not nearly as intense. Yes, we had another time travel like situation. In this case, Jess was propelled a year into the future and met up with her comrades, who all assumed her missing. Yes, we have the relationship between Rudy and Jess. I have to add that this is a sweet pairing that I quite like, but we didn’t get enough of them really together and not always fighting to be as invested as we were with Alisha and Simon. With a bit more time, Rudy and Jess could have been great. When Jess is forward in time, the super group Rudy Two put together is out of hand. They go about taking each of them out. Starting with a hilarious and gruesome kill as Alex fucks the flying man in the air and they plummet back to Earth. I’m not mad they didn’t kill Alex, but it was an opportunity they didn’t take. A bit later on Rudy sacrifices himself and I don’t feel the outpour of emotion from Jess. We know that she is devastated from her words, but not once do we feel it. Even when we see that’s she’s killed herself.


Rudy and Jess

Rudy and Jess

Now, this may be a bit of a gripe on the series as of late, but there is a distinct lack of abilities. While the show was never strictly about the abilities each of the characters had, the plots were heavily used them. In the past, nearly all the characters would use their abilities in almost every episode. Their abilities were there to move the plot either by helping or making things worse. This season their powers are distinctly lessened. They became more everyday people than previously. It many ways this was a very sad thing as it takes away part of the heart of the show. Abbey didn’t even have a power, she was just the manisfestation of one. But Finn did have a power that could have been strong. We were shown this a few times when his telekinesis did more than just drop a glass off a table, but like in this episode, throw a piano across his room. His power was growing and fueled by emotion, it would have been nice to see something come of it.

Final Thoughts
Misfits delivered a solid episode, but wasn’t even close to being one of its strongest. I say this even when considering the newer cast and the decline in episode quality. It had nothing to do with the cast, but it seemed like writers lost their spark. Although Rudy remained a bright light on the show. All that said, I will miss Misfits. I’ll miss every last one of them who were sentenced to probation. I’ll even miss the one probation worker who survived. I’ll certainly miss Rudy and Jess almost as much as Alisha and Simon. I hope the show lives on in other mediums as the concept is fantastic and still open to continuation. Until then, I think I’ll go rewatch the entire show again.

Did you enjoy Misfits? What will you miss most about the show? Which series was your favorite?

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