Finding Betas

Let’s be honest writing can be a grind, as can editing and every other facet of the process of bringing a story to fruition. It can be a long process or a short process. In reality, I’m a novelist. I can’t seem to think up concepts that can be resolved in such a small frame. Every so often I can manage it. Or at least I think I can manage it. One’s saving grace can and often will be finding the right betas for your work.

Where to Find Betas
It can seem impossible at first finding betas that can help you improve your work. You’ll undoubtedly encounter all sorts of things in your search. There are the people who will emphatically join up and then drop off the earth never to say anything again. There are people who don’t leave solid comments. There are people who simply just don’t get what you are going for creating an incompatible relationship. But for all those people out there, if you look hard enough, you will find those people who are perfect to help bolster your story. These are people who will tear apart stupid mistakes, yet will praise you when something goes right. They will guide you and rather than being an immutable opinion, they will converse with you. That is one of the greatest benefits to having a great beta.

Now the hard part is sometimes finding these betas. Looking can be hard, but there are a number of resources out there for people to turn to. My favorite resource is the Absolute Write Forums. They’ve helped me learn so much since I’ve begun writing, and the majority of the people genuinely care and are real people going through/ or having been through similar issues. Getting involved and engaging in the community is beneficial and you can walk out with some of the best betas.

The Bottom line.
That’s the key and that’s why I’m coming here. I could go to other places and seek assistance. But I figured I would jump in here first for people who would like to read my latest short story and leave a comment. The story will be posted at 3pm EST and it will be password protected. If you are interested leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Just because you want to take a look doesn’t mean you have to leave a comment. Anyone is welcome to read.

Here’s the lowdown: The short story is a work of science fiction. Set in the near future, it follows Blake as he gets himself into a paid scientific study that turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth.

How do you find beta readers? At what stage in the process do you enlist betas?

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