Game of Thrones – First of His Name

This week we touched on nearly everyone’s stories. Let’s start with the storyline that lead us out of last week’s episode. Jon and his men, including Locke, were on their way to Craster’s Keep, while Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor were locked up by Karl. Just when Meera was about to experience some not so great things, but just then Jon’s attack on the keep went under way. Unfortunately, that means that Locke arrived with the mission to kill the Stark’s and he found Bran rather quickly. Bran did his thing on Hodor and had the giant man snap Locke’s neck before he could kill Bran. Realizing that Jon would bring Bran back to Castle Black, they left before his brother could spot him. Craster’s Keep was then burned to the ground with all the mutineers killed.

First of His NameDaenerys didn’t have much to do, but we did learn that her past endeavors of freeing slaves have both gone terribly wrong. The temporary freedoms that they had have crumbled. Daenerys understands that while she could potentially take King’s Landing with her men now, she hasn’t been able to control the smaller area she’s been going through. So instead of going for Westeros, Daenerys is going to rule over her area.

Arya is with the Hound in the midst of nowhere. She is still reciting her list and it’s clear that The Hound is also on the list. Despite knowing that she wishes to kill him, when he finds her missing he’s very worried. But Arya was simply practicing. In typical the Hound fashion, he burst her bubble about her former teacher.

Sansa finally arrived in The Eerie. We learned that everything that has happened has been the fault of Petyr Baelish who initially inspired his now wife to kill her former husband. Ultimately, Sansa is in a very awkward situation, but she has no where to go.

First of His NameThere was also some time spent with Brienne as she slowly grew used to her new company of Podrick. She’s tough on him because he’s fairly useless, but she begins to respect him when she learns he killed a man for Tyrion. In King’s Landing, Tommen was kinged. Also Margaery was playing Cersei in her determination to be Queen. That said, Tywin is more than willing to let this fly because the Tyrell’s are both their biggest asset and biggest rival. Cersei was also trying to work people over into her favor, but for her it was Oberyn. In their time together, she had some time to express her sadness and how much she missed her daughter who is in Dorne playing with Oberyn’s daughters. She’s even sending a ship for the young girl, but it isn’t clear if she’s won over Oberyn.

What did you think of the episode?

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