The Flash – “The Darkness and the Light” Review

It was quite interesting to get a glimpse of Earth-2. it is a strange place that combines old time fash and items, with modern tech. Even then we learned that Harrison Wells isn’t necessarily a great guy. He is well-intentioned, but cruel. Not only that, but Jay Garrick is not a fan. The animosity between the two of them ended up with them exchanging blows.

The Flash - "The Darkness and the Light"Curmudgeon is a bit of an understatement when it comes to Harrison Wells. He’s a total dick. He is brash and completely uncaring. It makes things both more difficult and easier to believe that he is different. On one hand, the fact that the man with the very same face is a total ass. Then on the other hand this Wells behaves completely differently. He has an extremely hostile personality. He is not afraid to voice his opinion even if that means that it will cause tension among the group. He is out to help even if he rubs everyone the wrong way in the process.

There was a stronger focus on Cisco this episode as he asked out Kendra Saunders. It was probably the lamest pick up in the world and it failed miserably. The flashes that Cisco is getting are getting stronger. He’s seeing more play out in front of him. He saw the Doctor Light as it was happening in time for him to warn Barry. The problem is that Barry is starting to get suspicious. All of the hiding that he’s been doing for some time now was uncovered. Harrison brought with him the very tool he used in the opening that allowed for him to detect metahumans. He went around the room showing Barry as a metahuman as well as Cisco. It’s out of the bag and now he needs to confront this. He was put front and center because his power was what they needed to stop Doctor Light. The problem is that he couldn’t control it.

The Flash - "The Darkness and the Light"Doctor Light was a bank robber. Her ability was interesting, but where things got interesting was the reveal that Doctor Light was actual Linda Park. Barry recognized her Earth-2 double as he tried to talk her down. However that just brought about more issues as it turned out that She may have sent because of our Earth’s Linda’s connection to Barry. However that meant our Linda’s safety was in jeopardy. Doctor Light did just that as she tried to take over our Linda’s life. The attempt left Linda stunned and Doctor Light on the run after a run. The final confrontation led to the Flash revealing a new trick, speed mirage. I’m

In the midst of everything Barry was blinded on the very day he had his ate with Patty. That lead to getting some help from Cisco. It was quite amusing to see him bumble through it as Cisco tagged along. Sure it was a tad awkward that Cisco was along for a first date, throwing in bits and comments at every turn. it was very Cisco. I liked that they didn’t leave Patty foolish enough to not realize that Barry was blind. It was a nice moment that they had between each other.

-We got an up close and personal look at
-Wells metahuman detection proved that our Caitlin is definitely not a metahuman
-Iris is a good shot

What did you think of the episode?

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