Helix – “Reunion” Review

Helix - "Reunion"Alan Farragut has dropped all pretense of being a doctor. End of last season we saw him bomb a location housing Immortals, and for the first time we get a good look at what he’s been up to. Alan is coming through surveillance and tracking the immortals. That brought him to the compound on the island of St. Germaine as he tries to suss out Julia. It is an obsession that has clearly driven him to be violent. He’s been staying in the compound for who knows how long exactly with his ulterior motives.

Despite all of Sarah’s claims that she is beyond healthy, seeing her wake up with a nosebleed is not reassuring. There is something wrong with her yet again and it isn’t entirely clear what that is. She’s taking risks that she shouldn’t because she functions with the presumption that she can’t be harmed. it’s her repeated insistence of this that makes me think she’s going to end up seriously sick. We did at least learn what happened with her pregnancy that had been introduced last season. While, one would initially assume that she already had the kid and may have given it up for adoption. Instead, we learned that she has been pregnant for fifteen months and apparently has had no change. The fetus became immortal when she became immortal. Forever stuck in the first trimester.

Helix - "Reunion"Alan’s stay in the compound was quickly revealed as we saw that Sarah spotted him. He was not lingering in the background. However, as soon as she tried to approach him, she instead encountered someone who was clearly infected. This man fled. However, a moments later a child appeared with symptoms of the disease. It was fascinating as this disease makes them dangerous. This disease seems to warp the skin, and deprive the senses. More importantly, it makes them hyper-violent, charging at those who make sound lke flies to a light. (I have to note again, it seems very much like the fungus based disease from The Last of Us.)

Peter realy got the chance to shine as he grew as a character in a new situation that reminded him of his past. The character moment as Peter froze up when he was being attacked felt very well done. He was the origin of all the problems last season. Feeling out of control and consumed by a disease that is driving you is something he can relate to. He flashed on that time period and how he wasn’t himself until it completely paralyzed him. Things turned around for Peter and he got his life back in line. Thus the news that Alan was on the island was enough to stir him. He wants nothing to do with his brother now. it’s a noticeably different stance than Alan would have taken if the roles were reversed. Peter is being logical to a fault and it’ll be interesting to see how he handle his brother when they eventually come in contact with each other.

Helix - "Reunion"This year’s story is clearly going to thrive on the back and forth structure of the story. Some of the tension is dwindled by this structure. However, it is just vague enough that we don’t know what will happen to these characters in the present. The fact that Julia was going to dig up Alan’s grave was indication enough that he didn’t make it. It didn’t seem so far out of left field that Julia learned that the man in Alan’s grave wasn’t actually Alan. he’s behaved so shiftily that it’s not surprising.

The major difference between this season and last season is a tonal difference. Both season are very solidly grounded in the realm of science fiction. Where the first season favored horror. This season favors being a thriller. There are still horror elements, but more toned down from the first season which thrived on them.

What did you think of the episode?

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