The 100 – “Fallen” Review

Let’s be real. I have a lot of feels regarding all the things that have been going on with The 100. this season has been one giant clusterfuck. On the Arcadia side, Pike wants to start a war. On the Polis side, things are a giant mess now that Lexa is dead and power is being shifted from place to place. Nothing in this world is safe at the moment. it’s frustrating at times when the episodes go from place to place, then were are times like this episode where progress is made, but I’m not entirely sure what everything is building toward. Last season, the goal was to destroy mount weather. This season is a bit more nebulous with to prevent a war.

The 100 -"Fallen"Bellamy is a betrayer. Okay well technically he’s doing what he can to help his sister. However, its really clear that hes also doing everything that he can to save his ass. He just is not ready to let everything fall apart around him. He’s like this strange glue that’s getting pulled in every direction. We know that Bellamy knows the right thing for him to do, but there’s a lot of problems with that issue. I’m liking seeing his journey, but I don’t know how much more back and forth I can deal with.

This episode took a strange turn in putting so much focus on the Alie. Raven had spent so much time fighting against falling into ALIE’s control. However she finally lost that battle. What was strange was the way ALIE fully seized control of Raven. i didn’t think that it was possible. After the big deal that happened when Raven couldn’t be made to do something she didn’t want. It seems she’s lost everything about herself thus allowing ALIE to take over. I don’t know, but it forced Abby into a position where she needed to save Raven. She was forced to take the infinity pill. She took it and became one of the mindless drones. This only led Jasper to steal Raven and break out of the now completely converted Arcadia.

The 100 -"Fallen"Back at Polis John is getting into a strange relationship with Ontari. I say that the relationship is strange because he seems rather resigned to the fact that  he is stuck there. he doesn’t seem to be too miffed by Ontari either. They also seem to be ready to have a lot of sex, mostly because she sees to be thanking him for not getting her thrown out so quickly. John of all people ended up being the balance.

What did you think of the episode?

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