Giving Up On Airing Shows

Sometimes it’s hard to continue on with a show. I’ve talked previously about some of the reasons why I don’t finish all shows. This sentient extends to shows that are still on TV. Yet, with still airing shows I often have a much bigger problem with cutting a show off. That said, I have priorities and some shows eventually fall to the wayside.

The more shows that I watch, the longer it takes me to get through them all. As much as I like TV, I don’t want it to consume my entire life. That means that I need to choose which dhows don’t make the cut. I have to choose which shows are ones that I leave for delayed viewing. Then I have to choose which shows get the honor of continued live or same night viewing.

Making those selections can be difficult, however one of the biggest tell tell signs are shows that I simply don’t find interesting enough and the quality isn’t there to support it. There are shows that just don’t make me feel the need to watch it live. The less that I feel the need to watch it immediately, the more likely it is to fall from favor.

Shows have to work to entertain, but not all shows are as interesting as I would hope. Sometimes the shiny appeal grows stale. Or the show veers in a direction that isn’t as good as it previously was. Regardless of the cause, the show simply doesn’t do it. I find myself not caring and that is the worst thing that could happen when you are trying to be entertained. To not care is practically a sin.

Often I find that the shows that fall out of favor tend to just happen all of a sudden. Rather than realizing that I suddenly don’t care about a show any more, I’m just not watching. Suddenly I look at my hulu and I realize that I have a backlog of episodes. The worst is when I get to hulu so late that the next episode I need to watch has already been cycled out. Letting a show go for that long is hard.

I’ll give some shows some slack. Sometimes it is a show that I still really enjoy, but it airs at the same time as a few other shows I happen to care more about. That kind of thing sucks because something is inevitably going to be shuffled to the wayside whether I like it or not. When it comes to those shows I often find myself just waiting until they are available else where to view at my leisure. Even still it’s bittersweet accepting that I’m just not keeping up with some shows.

I will give myself credit though. I try really hard to keep up with a show even if I realize that I don’t like it. I like to keep hope that one day it will get better. I try to foster that feeling of hope I had at one point even if it has long faded. Those shows often stay on my radar until keeping up with them is just too difficult.

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