The Originals – Tangled Up in Blue

Short review here today. Yes, I know that it has taken me up to the third episode to finally review The Originals. I blame it on the binge of The Vampire Diaries season four, I insisted on finishing before I watched The Originals. Anyway, after a lackluster first episode that mostly rehashed of the story of the backdoor pilot, The originals didn’t feel original until episode two.

Cammy Meets Bekah and Klaus at the Charity Gala

Tangled Up in Blue – Cammy meets Bekah and Klaus at the Charity Gala

The Originals does character right. True, the show has the benefit of having three main characters, solidly figured out. For a character that is so easy to hate for his tendency to be positively awful, it is amazing how much I am rooting for Klaus. I believe this is a testament both to the show’s ability to show Klaus’s various sides. He isn’t just vindictive. He has a love for his family, even if he often daggers them when they get in the way. The other thing that can make me root for Klaus when he is plotting to kill witches and betray other vampires in order to retrieve Elijah, happens to be my hatred for Marcel. If there was ever a character more hellbent on power it is Marcel. He has the entire city of New Orleans twisted under his finger. And at the slightest sign of the empire crumbling, Marcel leaps to drastic measures.

As for Bekah, she is a poor soul with rather high morals for an original vampire. Even in her tenure on The Vampire Diaries it was made very clear that Bekah is ruled by her heart. Should that mean helping someone or killing someone. However, deep down it is clear that she wishes to do what is best. If that means setting up Cammy with her old flame Marcel, she will do it. Bekah’s heart breaks on screen in nearly every episode.

Davina, on the other hand, seems a misguided young girl who has put all her faith in Marcel. Something must have clearly happened between the two that has bonded them. Her dedication however, may force her into odds with Marcel and into that of the witches if the tension between them grows. It helps that she comes off as an imbalanced teenage girl. Of course, the most imbalanced person has the most power.

What did you think of the episode?

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