The Originals – Girl in New Orleans

Marcel introduces Davina to Cammy

Marcel introduces Davina to Cammy

Davina is one dangerous little girl. In her first moments in the episode, she complains about Elijah only being hurt by a silver dagger. The frustration that she can’t yet figure out a way to kill an original is overwhelming her. So much so the only way she’ll be happy is by going to the annual Dauphine Street Festival. Her way of convincing Marcel is to demonstrate that she’s on his side, by boiling his blood. She’s a wonderful little creature, who I would never want to be on his bad side.

I’m glad that Cammy isn’t completely out of the loop. Sure, Cammy is being used by Klaus, but what would the show be if Klaus wasn’t manipulating people. It s one of the things he does best. the most interesting bit, is that while he is using her, he’s allowing her to retain certain memories of the compulsion. Cammy isn’t just a push over though, she has a harsh tongue and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The revelation that her twin brother who commited a murder suicide may have been compelled by a vampire is intriguing. Though she doesn’t remember realizing what may have happened to him, she now has Klaus as an ally in the quest for truth.

Marcel learned his manipulative behavior from Klaus. I would even say that he learned how to rule with fear and ferocity from his maker. The major difference between the two is Marcel took it a step further. Marcel is a politician. He rules with a smile and then behind the scenes has his dirty work done. He does his best not to get his hands dirty. The way he had Cammy and her friend watched during the festival was a sign of this. Not to mention, the way he negotiated and handled Davina.

Four episodes in and I’m struggling to care about Hayley’s storyline. Each week she goes off on her own little plot, but I never fear for her life. Even if she was truly in danger, I don’t know I’d care as she is a very flat character. She was never truly fleshed out during her tenure on The Vampire Diaries (At least she did get a motivation though) and now it is just as vague. She wants to stay alive and keep her baby alive. What makes her special. What is she going to do to protect herself. I need more from her character other than being a mother if I am going to care about her. This week found her fighting for her life and being suspicious of others. Nothing different than any other week, but at least she can handle herself.

Davina uses her power to fight Klaus

Davina uses her power to fight Klaus

Klaus spent more of his time plotting behind the scenes than other episodes. As always, he is pulling strings and making things go terribly wrong for those he is trying to thwart. While I love watching Klaus deceive those aroun him for his own good, if he is always successful the story lines will grow tired. Thankfully, I love all of Klaus’s manipulations this week. Watching him use Cammy and simultaneously get closer to her was fascinating. Though, it only speaks to possible future trouble for Cammy. I get the feeling that Cammy isn’t someone Klaus will easily sacrifice. Her destruction might mean more to him than Hayley’s. (Though I doubt he’d like losing his child). His fascination with Cammy and her interest in him is going to lead to a big moment when Marcel finds out.

While Rebekah is present in every episode, she feels underutilized in this series. She has her occasional moments, like when she went after Elijah. But this episode had Rebekah playing second fiddle to Hayley as Rebekah protected her. For a character as strong and interesting as Rebekah, we aren’t seeing her full potential. I’ll never say no to a scene with Rebekah.

What did you think of the episode?

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